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2019-2020 FIFA Law Changes


New FIFA Law Changes Will Take Effect in the New Year

Utah State League and Tournament Play will adopt new FIFA Law Changes beginning January 1, 2020.


December 8, 2019 - Sandy, UT


2019-2020 Law Changes 
Utah Youth Soccer Association would like to thank Colorado Soccer Association and the SYRA for sharing these videos to help explain the new FIFA law changes that will take effect as of January 1st, 2020. 

Total Time of Videos: 18 min 54 seconds (You can skip the intro of each video and save time.) 
Law 3--Substitutes may leave at nearest point if it is safe to do so (1:21) 
Law 5--Yellow or Red card to team officials (1:35) 
Law 5 cont--PK taker may receive treatment and take the kick (0:30) 
Law 8--Dropped ball changes (1:43) 
Law 8 cont--Coin toss--choice of kick-off or which end to defend. (0:27) 
Law 9--If the ball hits the referee, attack starts, change of possession = dropped ball (1:09) 
Law 10--GK cannot score a goal with their hands. (0:24) 
Law 12--Hand ball (4:48) 
Law 12 cont.--Delay issuing a caution or red card. Illegal celebration of goal and goal is disallowed. (1:41) 

Law 13--Free kick inside defending PA is in play when ball is kicked and moves (1:05) 
Law 13 cont--Wall of 3 or more = Opponents are 1 yard/meter away. (0:58) 
Law 14--Penalty Kick, GK not moving net or goalposts. GK must have at least one foot on line. (1:32) 
Law 15--Throw-in. All players 2 yards away from line (0:24) 
Law 16--goal kick (1:17) 
Webinar where Esse explains the new changes and answers referees questions. (45:28) 

Please fill out the form HERE with any questions on the law changes.