How to Register with UYSA

1.)    Find out what Region you are in by clicking here.

2.)    Find a club in your region by clicking here. You can find out more information about the club by clicking on their name.

3.)    Contact the club to find out more information about try-outs/registering with a team.

4.)    Once you have found a team to sign-up with, the club/registrar will provide you with a registration link. You will follow that registration link and it will walk you through the registration. If you have problems registering, you can contact your Club’s Certified Registrar (If you are not sure who the club registrar is, contact your club/team and they will provide that information).

UYSA Competition Registration Fees:


Per Seasonal Year (Fall and Spring)

Per Season (Fall or Spring)

Insurance Fee



Registration Fee

$42 (U9-U11)
  $50 (U12-U14)
 $30 (U15-U18) PER SEASON

$21 (U9-U11)
 $25 (U12-14)
  $30 (U15-U18)

Club Fees

Determined by Club

Determined by Club


UYSA Recreation Registration Fees:


Per Season

Insurance Fee


Club/Program Fees

Determined by Club

Age Groups:

Check the age guidelines below for what types of program are available to you. 

Age Guidelines:
Recreation Programs Ages U3-U18 (Varies by Member Organization)
X-League Ages U9-U10
IRL -Inter Regional League Ages U11-U18 Playing in North, Metro, South
SCL -State Competition League Ages U11-U18

 To find the correct age group for your future soccer star... Please click UYSA Age Matrix. 

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