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Air Quality Details & Updates


UYSA is actively monitoring the Air Quality Index across the state. 

Field closures will be listed at the bottom of this article.


The website that will be used to determine the cancelation of games for Box Elder, Cache, Carbon, Davis, Duchesne, Iron, Salt Lake, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, Washington, and Weber Counties is

To determine the air quality in Wasatch and Summit County please use the below link -


Wasatch County: and then select the "Air Quality Data" tab

Summit County:

There is widespread discrepancy between what the news stations report and what the Utah Department of Environmental Air Quality reports.  We have looked into this as to the reasons why.  The Utah Department of Air Quality has fewer monitoring stations but has much more sophisticated and sensitive equipment that uses multiple methods to determine the Air Quality Index that is posted.  It is updated hourly.

The news outlets use "Purple Air Monitors.”  These sensors tend to run on average 30% higher than the Utah DEQ's monitoring equipment.  They do have more sensors through each county.  They also have a disclaimer that the AQI that they are showing are from a wide variety of sensors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and that they are not responsible for inaccurate information.  They provide a real time average at each sensor as well as a forecasted average. 

Reschedule Process due to air quality

  • Games may be cancelled 3 hours prior to kick off time based on the quality of air reporting.  Please refer to the websites listed above for an accurate report.
    • Games will not be cancelled if the air quality reporting is not in the red
  • Once the air quality index is reflecting RED take a screen shot of the air quality report and submit that via email to UYSA Scheduler with the game number.
  • The home team is responsible for contacting the opposing team, the field assignor and the referee assignor to notify them that the game has been cancelled due to the air quality.
  • The home team is responsible for rescheduling the game (following the weather related reschedule process)
  • Game reschedules due to air quality must be rescheduled no more than 15 days from the original scheduled time.


Please check your league schedule as we will be updating field closures on the schedule.  The UYSA website will be updating a list of field closures on the home page.


The smoke from the wildfires is spreading and creating unhealthy air throughout Utah and Salt Lake Counties.  We are starting to see high numbers into Davis County. 


The air quality is the worst in the mornings and usually improves in the afternoon.   

Please make your decision as to cancel the match and reschedule with the health of the players first and foremost.  Besides the website you can use the and search by zip codes.  
Each team that is canceling/ rescheduling a game will need to notify the opponent and referee assignors.  

  • G. Hillman Recreation Complex
  • American Prep Academy
  • Spanish Fork Sports Complex (ALL DAY)
  • Lakeside Sports Complex
  • USA games at 12:30 and 1PM are cancelled at the following locations
  • West Jordan Complex, Bluffdale Elem., Bluffdale Park, Rosecrest Park, Southland Elem. (Game #495570, 516020, 505946, 514575, 508664, 512671) Any later games are still scheduled, please check with your coach
  • Lehi Junior High School
  • Olympic Park
  • Lehi High School
  • Skyridge High School
  • Mesquite Park
  • Sertoma Park
  • Terra Linda ES
  • Oquirrh ES
  • Utah Surf (Utah County Teams) Mountain Ridge Jr. High, Smooth Canyon, Deerfield Elem. Vista Heights Middle School




We understand the importance of player, coach, and spectator safety. UYSA will do their best to monitor the air quality and make the safest decision for the group.