Jerry Seiner Coach of the Month

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Jerry Seiner Coach of the Month

August 2014

Coach: Dustin Taylor


Current Team: U15 Girls Crush Blue & Crush White. 

Coaching Experience: I have been a licensed UYSA coach for 12 years and have coached both boys and girls.

Playing Experience:  I played competition soccer in my youth and continue to play in some indoor leagues.

Favorite Soccer Teams: All youth teams that I coach or involved with, and Real Salt Lake. 


Favorite Soccer Player: My favorite players are my children.  On a professional level I really enjoy watching Lionel Messi play.

Most Memorable Soccer Experience(s):  There are so many, but most recently would be our U15 Girls Crush Blue team winning the National Presidents Cup in Greenville, South Carolina and the series of Presidents Cup’s leading up to it were all very memorable, an experience that the coaches and players will never forget.  

Coaching Philosophy:  I believe coaching is an opportunity to teach players to love the game, and to want to progress and develop their skills to be a better player.  I believe it’s important to create an environment where players can have fun, built team unity, work hard, and to recognize success both on and off the field.   

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Favorite Food: Mexican and Chinese

Special Interests:  When I’m not coaching soccer or watching my kids play, I enjoy spending time with my family.  Other activities I enjoyed before soccer took over my life were snowboarding, wakeboarding, and golfing.

Dustin Says: “The minute you think you know if all, you will no longer progress”, and “If you don’t use your opposite foot you’re like a one legged duck in a pond”.

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