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USSF D License Re-test
USSF D License Re-test Dates

The 'D' License Re-test course is offered to coaches who received a 'Not Ready' or 'Cert' and are looking to re-test for a National 'D' License. Candidates are encouraged to register ASAP, as space is limited. If you have any questions please contact Technical Admin Holly Gundred at hgundred@utahyouthsoccer.net. 

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Pre-course Assignments: 

Candidates must submit six (6) lesson plans that were used while training a team within the minimum six (6) month waiting period. The lesson plans must be submitted to the lead instructor on the first day of the course. The lesson plans must follow the current four-stage format, and be written on a U.S. Soccer Lesson Plan Form (see link): (1) Technical-physical Warm-up, (2) Small-sided Activity, (3) Expanded Activity, and (4) Game 7v7 to 9v9.

US Soccer Lesson Plan Form

A candidate may only re-test once. If the candidate receives a Not Ready in the re-test course, they must retake the entire USSF 'D' License course, and pay all appropriate fees. All candidates must pre-register in advance of the starting date of the course.

Curriculum (9 hours):

Classroom / Theory

• Review Methods of Coaching, Team Management and Tactics.

Field / Practical
• Review of Attacking and Deffending Priciples

Comprehensive Assessment & Review
• Practical Field Test

• $35.00 UYSA Members


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