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Coaching Education presented by Utah Youth Soccer

Thousands of coaches have attended and successfully completed a coaching course offered through UYSA. Regardless of the level of certification or license attempted, the prime objective of the coaching education program is to provide all coaches from the beginner to the most advanced with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge.


State Competitive Gaming League Requirments:

Grassroots License or E - allows an applicant to be rostered as a head coach or assistant coach on one or more      competitive teams in any age group or play level (bracket), except head coach in the U14-U19 Premier 1 or 2 level; see D license below.
D License - allows an applicant to be rostered as a head coach on one or more U14-U19 Premier 1 or/and 2 levels.          (also covers all teams under the Grassroots License)        

How to Roster to a Team/Club

In order to be added to a roster(team) as a coach in Utah the following must be completed:


1- Register with a team/club as a Coach/Admin in the Utah Youth Soccer Association online system (Affinity) this includes

  • uploading a current picture
  • uploading a completed 'Heads Up Concussion Certificate' with seasonal date (EX 2019-2020 seasonal year Certificate must have 2019 or 2020 on certificate to be valid)
  • upload "Safe Sport Trained' final certificate (completed after finishing all 3 modules) 


2- Complete 2 IN PERSON Grassroots License Courses (or already have an E or higher US Soccer License) or apply and receive a grassroots waiver (good for one season only, NOT a full year)

**If you already have your grassroots or E License and need a D License Check active registration on the D License page or apply for a D waiver (good for 12 months).


For more information on Grassroots or D License please click the links below.





Youth Modules

Course Dates & Registration
National Youth Course

**Coming Soon**
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Grassroots License


National D License

Digital Coaching Center(DCC) 
UNited Soccer Coaches

Beginner & Intermediate Courses
                  Development                         Course Dates & Registration
Goalkeeping Courses
Level 1-3 NEW
High School Courses
NFHS Fundamental of Coaching
High School Diploma
Advanced Courses
National Diploma Course
Advanced National Diploma Course
Director of Coaching Diploma Course



 Coaching License Waiver Information
* A waiver is not a coaching license, the required coaching course must be completed to receive a license.
To receive a waiver the following 3 steps must be completed.
1.  Complete the Introduction to Grassroots in U.S Soccer's Digital Coach Center
2.  To pay your USSF Grassroots License waiver fee $25, click HERE  (good for one season, fall or spring, not both)
      If you are applying for a D Waiver please email your FILLED OUT APPLICATION to Jenni to get a payment link.
3.  Click HERE for License Waiver Application (This completed application MUST  be emailed to Jenni for processing or no waiver will be given
     (Application (Step 3) MUST BE EMAILED TO or no waiver will be processed)
****Waiver Application must be emailed in to be processed, allow 48 hours (business days) to be processed. There is no need to send in a copy of receipt or picture of Grassroots Introduction, I can look both of those up when I receive a copy of the Waiver Application.



Additional Resources

  • To receive a copy of your Coaching License
  • US Soccer's Digital Coaching Center (DCC) is set up to track all coaching licenses
  • If you are not currently registered in the DCC, please create an account
  • Add license information if it is not showing in your account
  • The state that granted your license will need to verify it, If you received a license in UTAH please email to verify.
  • Once verified you can download and print a copy anytime you want.



  • For youth soccer practice plans endorsed by UYSA go to