Coaching Education presented by Utah Youth Soccer

Thousands of coaches have attended and successfully completed a coaching course offered through UYSA. Regardless of the level of certification or license attempted, the prime objective of the coaching education program is to provide all coaches from the beginner to the most advanced with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge.

Current requirements to coach in Utah Youth Soccer Competitive Gaming Leagues:

Premier League:

An individual that is registered as a head coach and/or assistant coach of a team that is U14 or older playing in the Premier League  must have a “D” License, a current D-Waiver, or a D-Pending Designation, and must have an assistant coach on each Team that has an “E” License, GR 7/11 or GR 9/11 in-person License, or Season Waiver.

State Competition League (SCL), Inter Regional League (IRL) or Southern Utah Inter Regional League (SUIRL):

An individual registering as a head coach or assistant coach with a Team registering in the SCL must have a USSF “E” License, GR 7/11 or GR 9/11 in-person license, or Season Waiver. 

GR- Grassroots



Steps to become a coach with Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA):

Please use legal name and the same email address when completing the steps below:

  • Complete 2 IN PERSON Grassroots Courses (or already have an E or higher US Soccer License) or apply and receive a grassroots waiver (good for one season only, NOT a full year) **See below for waivers affected by COVID-19
    • Create account in US Soccer’s Learning Center
    • Complete Introduction to Grassroots (free, about 20 minutes)
    • Check UYSA website for available course with registration links


  • Complete Safe Sport Trained Certification
    • Requires an account with Safe Sport
    • Organization and access code available from your club
    •  (no cost with access code)
    • Complete 3 modules
    • re-certify every 2 years
    • Contact the club you are coaching with for registration Instructions and a link


  • Complete Registration in US Soccer Connect with UYSA
    • Contact the club you are coaching with for registration instructions and a link




**Waiver Information - COVID-19 Changes for Fall 2020

Currently all US Soccer Coaching Education courses are cancelled through June 30th. 

Waivers will not be available for the Fall 2020 Season instead for Fall 2020 we will allow new coaches to coach if the following steps are done:

  • Create an account in US Soccer Learning Center
  • Complete the Introduction to Grassroots (free,20 min)
  • Complete ONE online Grassroots course pertaining to the age group you are going to coach (7v7,9v9 or 11v11, $25,  approx. 2 hours) *4v4 online course will not qualify a coach for the comp gaming league.


We do anticipate coaching education courses starting up in Fall/Winter of 2020 if Utah stays in the Covid-19 Yellow Phase.

All coaches will still be required to attend and pass 2 In Person Grassroots courses as soon as courses reopen, to remain coaching Spring Season.


Additional Resources

little us soccer logoGrassroots In Person Utah Course Information

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  • To receive a copy of your Coaching License
    • US Soccer's Learning Center (LC) is set up to track all coaching licenses
    • If you are not currently registered in the LC, please create an account
    • The state that granted your license will need to add and verify, If you received an E or National D license in UTAH please email to add and verify.
    • Once verified you can download and print a copy anytime you want.



  • For youth soccer practice plans endorsed by UYSA go to