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On to the Quarterfinals


Sandy, UT (6/16/2017)


We wrapped up group play yesterday and are on to the quarterfinals! Group play was pretty successful for Utah with 12 of 17 teams advancing onto the quarterfinals. They are listed below along with the time of their game, come support our teams!


8:00 B14U Liverpool vs NV (Field 11)

8:00 B16U Aztecas vs CA-S (Field 3)

8:00 B16U Liverpool vs NV (Field 7)

10:15 G14U Wasatch vs CA-S (Field 13)

10:15 G13U Blue Knights vs WA (Field 16)

10:15 G15U Impact vs ID (Field 4)

10:15 G15U La Roca vs CO (Field 7)

12:30 B17U Gremio vs AK (Field 14)

12:30 G17U Rampage vs ID (Field 3)

12:30 G17U Celtic vs CO (Field 8)

2:45 B15U VKCobras vs WA (Field 12)

2:45 G17U L30 Crush vs CA-S (Field 7)