Jamba Juice is proud to support Soccer Clubs nationwide and especially UYSA with our Whirl'd Soccer 

Program! Here are a few ways that we can connect with your local teams and clubs. Please feel free 

to pass this around to all your teams and parents: 

• Fundraising: Jamba Juice fundraising is some of the best and easiest around! We'll come out 

to your photo day, tournament or game day and sell on site and you keep 20% of the proceeds 

OR pick up and sell the smoothies yourselves and keep 50%! We also have a NEW! BOGO 

Fundraiser card that you sell for $10 and keep $5. Contact the store manager to set this up or 

for further details. 

• Special Deals for Team Snacks-- Pre-order 10 or more smoothies a day in advance and we’ll 

offer our Classic flavors for just $3 each—over $1.25 savings! ($2- special 8oz size available for 

kids 8 and under). Just mention the Whirl'd Soccer Team Pack. Then all you do is stop by, pay 

and go! We can even freeze them for a bit so they are perfectly thawed by the time the game 

is done. (Not valid with other discounts, must order day prior for special pricing). 

• Player of the Game certificates for your team---contact us for certificates for a Free Smoothie 

that you can use to reward a player each game! 

• 10% soccer discount- As a way to say “thanks” for partnering with us, we will offer any players 

in uniform before or after a game or practice, and their family members, a 10% discount. Just 

mention the UYSA Soccer 10% discount when ordering. (Not valid with other discounts.) 

For these or other opportunities please stop by your nearest store or contact Tara Lindstrom, Dir. of 

Marketing, Local Jamba Juice Franchise Company- (925) 455-4743- events@blendedstar.com 

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