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Athlete’s Name: Ashley Heinz
Current Team: Galaxy Elite FC
Position: Forward 
Playing Experience: 6 years
Coaches Comments: “I have been coaching soccer for a little over 6 years indoor, competitive, recreational, and during my experience with over 15 teams I have rarely seen such passion and determination for the sport. Ashley is a very disciplined player that will listen to you as a coach, learn, and develop very quickly. There have been many occasions that Ashley takes a leadership role not just to become better, but also to help her team over come any obstacle. In whatever Ashley participates she excels and works hard to be the very best that she can be. I am happy that Ashley has been selected as player of the month because she has demonstrated what soccer is all about.“ Coach Julio Rodriguez
Favorite Soccer Teams: FC Barcelona 
Favorite Players: Lionel Messi
Most Memorable Soccer Experiences: Scoring her first goal
Favorite Movie: She’s The Man
Favorite Book: Fablehaven
Favorite Food: Steak and salad.  
Special Interests: Ashley plays the violin and has been dancing ballroom dance for 3 years. 
Community Service: She loves to tutor the younger kids at her school. She also helps with the special needs children at school.
Academic Accomplishments: Ashley is a very dedicated student and last year she worked very hard and accomplished the “Give Me Liberty” program at her school.

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