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June 2016

Athlete’s Name: Hunter Crosby

Current Team:  Sparta 04 Premier JK

Position:  Mainly Left Wing, Sometimes Center or Right Wing

Playing Experience: I have played competitive soccer for 8 years, and in 2008 I scored 64 goals in one season.

Coaches Comments: From Justus Koelliker, “Hunter is a player who is always looking for the "dangerous" option. He loves to take players on and attack the goal. He has great passion and energy for the game. Hunter is continually looking for ways to improve his game and is driven to succeed. He believes in himself and his teammates, and he never gives up. I will really miss coaching him next year as the age groups change.”

Favorite Soccer Teams: Barcelona, and Chelsea

Favorite Players:  Messi, Jordan Allen, Ned Grabavoy

Most Memorable Soccer Experiences: My most memorable experience is when I scored a bicycle kick against Utah Glory in State Cup

Favorite Movie: McFarland U.S.A.

Favorite Book: Milkweed

Favorite Food: Pho (Asian noodles)

Special Interests: Soccer, snowboarding, hanging out with my friends and soccer teammates

Community Service I donate my clothes/toys that I have outgrown to the homeless

Academic Accomplishments: Honor Roll for 6th grade

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