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March 2015

Athlete’s Name: Bizzy Arevalo

Current Team: Forza SP 03

Position: Attacking Mid

Playing Experience:  I have been playing since I was 6. I started playing competitive soccer at u9 with Infinity (2yrs), 1 year with La Roca and now with Forza

Coaches Comments: Bizzy is a joy to coach. She has a tremendous work rate and is very gifted technically. She is always looking to improve as a player. She is universally loved and respected by her teammates. Our team is lucky to have Bizzy on the team! 

Favorite Soccer Teams:  US Women’s National Team

Most Memorable Soccer Experience:  When I met Tobin Heath. She is my favorite soccer player. I also just participated in ODP for the first time this year.  It was a lot of fun!!

Favorite Movie:  Pitch Perfect

Favorite Book:  The Kind of Friends we Used to Be.

Favorite Food: Fettuccini Alfredo and green salad

Special Interests:  Soccer, down hill skiing, making cards, and interior design

Community Service:  I like helping the elderly and working with kids with developmental disabilities.

Academic Accomplishments: I have been on the honor roll since I started middle school.

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