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August 2016

Name: Jade Goulding

Utah Soccer Alliance (USA)

Grade: 6th

Position(s): Goalkeeper and Left Wing

Favorite Class: Physical Education (P.E)

Favorite Movie: National Treasure

Favorite TV Show: American Ninja Warrior

Favorite Exercise (non - soccer): Basketball

Favorite Soccer Exercise: Lightening

Least Favorite Exercise: Burpees

Favorite Healthy Food: Protein Shakes (Jamba Peanut butter Moo’d)

Favorite Music You Train to: Katy Perry ‘Rise’

Role Model: Alex Morgan

Favorite RSL Player: Nick Rimando

Future Aspirations: Play for the USA Women’s Soccer Team and become an Athletic Trainer

Quote from Coach:When I took this new 2005 team one of our bidding spots to fill was a GK. I asked around and with not many players having played or feeling comfortable with that position, Jade stated she had played keeper a little in the past, but that it had been awhile. So I asked Jade if she would take on the keeper spot for me, in typical Jade fashion said “Yes, no problem”. We had intended to find another full-time keeper, but as we got into our season preparation Jade was an amazing keeper. As a coach I am grateful to have such a great anchor in the back for us as we train another keeper to share time with Jade. I put Jade on the field for the first time the other day and she had a goal within her first five minutes, (haha now I have a really hard decision every game)! Jade is a dream athlete for a coach to train.” Dennis Burrows

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