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Name - Ellie Jacob

Number you wear - #5

Team you currently play for - Utah FC 02G D1

Coach - Brian Smith

How old were you when you first started playing soccer? 4

What is your favorite position to play?  Defender

Who is your favorite professional soccer player?  Carli Lloyd

What is your favorite professional team?  USA Women's Team

What is your favorite soccer moment while playing with Utah FC?  One time in a game it was tied and we only had a few minutes left and the other team kicked the ball badly or something so I got the ball. I was at the half line and I saw some forwards running so they could receive the ball from me. I dribbled and did some jukes and passed about 4 people. I realized that I was just above the 18 so I chipped it up and one of my forwards trapped it and made a goal. We won the game and then did really well with the rest of the season.

What is a saying your coach says that you will always remember? "While you're not working at it, they're getting better!"

What is your favorite food to eat?  Cafe Rio Salad

What do you like to do besides playing soccer? I enjoy playing the piano, painting, and hanging out with friends.

What is a piece of advice you would give a younger Utah FC player? Don't give up and work on your weaknesses. I was really (like really) bad at footwork my first season but I didn't give up and I kept learning new tricks and now footwork is one of my biggest strengths on the field.

If you get the chance to go on and play college soccer which school would you like to play for? BYU

What is your favorite 1 v 1 move to beat an opponent? A combo that includes the Maradona, scissors, and roll over.

Are you a natural right footer or left footer? I'm a rightey


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