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February 2016


Athlete’s Name: Emily Gibb       

Current Team: Galaxy

Position:  Midfielder

Playing Experience:  Since age of 5 on various rec/city teams, and club ball.

Coaches Comments: Emily is one of my top players on the pitch. She is the true definition of leadership and determination. Even with our rough fall season Emily has grown enormously as a player and an individual. My coaching style by the opinion of many is strict and hard at times, with that said Emily comes optimistic to practice, with an open mind to learn, and grow. She is one of few players that will ask question, that will visualize, and that will set the bar for her team. I have coached for 6 years at all levels of youth soccer, and have coached well over 200 players in that period of time. Emily still impresses me with not only her demeanor, but her foot work on the pitch. Emily in my eyes is one of those players that sacrifice everything for the well being of the team.

Favorite Soccer Teams:  USA women’s team

Most Memorable Soccer Experience: Watching my teammate score a goal from the half field line 

Favorite Movie:  Godzilla, Star Wars the Force Awakens

Favorite Book: Dragon Rider  

Favorite Food: Broccoli

Special Interests: Sports, music, art, chickens, having fun 

Academic Accomplishments: High honor roll

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