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TOSH Player of the Month 
March 2017


Lexi Hansen

Coaches Comments: Lexi Hansen “LEO” is very passionate and possesses a love for soccer since she was 4 1/2 years old.  She is always giving 100% to both teams she currently plays for.  Her strong personality makes her a leader on and off the field. She's always positive and gives all she's got to the teams.  She played 2014-2015 for 2 teams (never missing a game for either) and during this time she was playing on a fractured ankle not knowing it was fractured and was still giving 100%.

LEO never gives up and looks to improve during practices and games and even encourages other players not to give up.  Even during her days off, she's watching videos on foot work skills and then working on them. She's a goal scorer and, like all attacking players, lives for the goal. At the same time, she's a great play-maker for others on her team and is never selfish about letting her teammates score if there is an opportunity.


Current Team:  XBOX S.C. (U14) — Coach Mick Hansen and Rampage Premier (U13) –Coach Spencer Corgiat

Position: Forward/wing (Right) and Keeper when needed

Playing Experience: Started playing soccer at 4 ½ and has never stopped. 5 years of competition soccer.

Favorite Soccer Teams: The USA Women’s Soccer and RSL

Favorite Players: Alex Morgan (USA Women’s Team) and Brenda Perz (RCD Espanyol)

Most Memorable Soccer Experiences: Gave a keeper a concussion when they hit heads during indoor when she scored with a perfect header and juking keepers during indoor.

Favorite Movie: Suicide Squad

Favorite Book: Freak The Mighty 

Favorite Food: Susi and Grape Salad

Special Interests: Soccer, Skiing and Crafting (want to Sky Dive when I’m 18 years old).

Community Service Participating in soccer clinics to help youth families who can’t afford to play soccer.  

Academic Accomplishments: LEO maintains A’s and B’s while playing soccer

Player of the Month is based on nominations.  If you would like to nominate a player for the UYSA Player of the Month, please read the requirements and email your nominations to Eric Landon (


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