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Tournament Roster Instructions



Tournament Roster Instructions

Only a coach or admin who is rostered to the team can create a tournament roster. 
  1.   Go to Login in under member login which is located on the top right hand of the front page.
You will now be on the “My Account” page.

  2.  Click the “Teams” tab under your family information
  3.  Click on the “Tournament & Schedule Apps” tab
  4.  Find the Team you are editing the roster for

  5.  Click “View Tourn. App.”  To the right of the “2019 RSL Presidents Cup Tournament”

  6.  Click the grey “Player Roster” tab at the top of the page

       To add a Guest Player

       a. click the “Add Player” button

       b. Enter the Player’s First and Last Name (and Player ID # if you have it)

       c. Select “Loaned” as “Player Status”

       d. Select the Gender  

       e. Enter the Player’s “Date of Birth”

       To Deactivate a Player that will not be attending Presidents Cup with your team

       a. To the right of the Player’s Name uncheck the “Active” Box to deactivate that player.

       b. To save the changes to your active players click on the “Set Active Players” button at the bottom of the page

 7.  Enter jersey numbers for ALL of the players on the roster

       a. Click on the “Edit Player Team Info” in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

       b. Enter the “Home” and “Away” jersey number for ALL of the players on the roster.

       c. Click the “Save Changes” button in the bottom right hand corner to save the jersey numbers you have entered

  8.  Click the “Player Roster” tab at the top of the page

  9.  Verify that Roster is correct:

       Are all of the players traveling with your team on the roster?

       Do all of the players have pictures uploaded and are they the correct size?

       Have all of the jersey numbers for the players on your roster been entered?

            No changes will be allowed to rosters after the roster freeze deadline

10. Print your roster for check-in

       a. Click the “Print Page” option at the bottom of the “Player Roster” page

 *You will need to bring this copy of your roster to check-in