Why can't I club pass in Affinity?


1.  Your roster is at a maximum capacity

·         U9            10 player maximum

·         U10-U11  14 player maximum

·         U12-U15  18 player maximum

·         U16-U18  18 active (22 roster) maximum


Ex. A U13 team has16 players on the roster, the roster maximum is 18 players.  The borrowing team can C-Pass 2 players to the roster.


Ex. A U16 team has 19 players on the roster, the maximum is 22 players.  The borrowing teams can C-Pass players up to the maximum roster size of 22 and “deactivate” up to 3 players necessary to reach the required match roster size of 18.



2.  You cannot inactivate players to allow for club pass


3.  A Player cannot be released to allow for club pass, unless the roster is already at maximum capacity and the player being released has sustained an injury that will have them out for more than 4 months.


4.  Players are ineligible to play in age group, with the exception of a girl playing on a boys’ team.

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