How Do I Contact an Opposing Coach? 

Coaches only have access to other coaches’ information if they are scheduled to play against 
them in League Play. To access the opposing coach’s information: 
   1. Log in to your UYSA account 
   2. Click on the schedules/game scoring link next to your team’s state competition or x-league 
   3. Scroll down and find the game whose coach’s information you are looking for 
   4. Click on the opposing team box 
   5. A Box will pop up with the information of all of the rostered coaches and admins on that team 
If the box pops up and only shows the coach’s name but no contact information then you are not 
logged in to your UYSA account or the correct UYSA account. If the previous occurs call the 
office and we will work on getting your current log in information to you.
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