Only Member Organizations are eligible to use the Club Pass
Independent Teams may not 
use the club pass. If you are unsure if you are part of a member organization please visit our Member Organization Links page under the resource tab. 
How do I Club Pass? (Affinity's New Look)
Only coaches and team managers who are rostered to the team in affinity have the access to club 
    1. Log in to your UYSA account. 
    2. Make sure your picture is highlighted.
    3. Under the family pictures click on the TEAM tab (half way down on the screen)
         A new window will pop open with 2 tabs
     4. On the new tabs click on the TOURNAMENT & SCHEDULE APPS
          There should be 2 links on the right hand side
    5. Click on VIEW TOURNY APP link on the  right hand side
    6. Click on the PLAYER ROSTER TAB
    7. Choose the player you wish to club pass and click the “Assign” button in that player’s row 
    8. Select the team and game # from the drop down and then Save 
              Click on UYSA CLUBPASS on the top of the column to show a summary of all players going to other teams and coming to your team.

If the team you are looking for does not appear in the drop down there may be one of the 
following problems: 
    The team you are trying to club pass to has a full roster (a team may not deactivate a player to 
    open up a spot for a club pass player) 
    You may be trying to club pass a player to a division they are not allowed to play in.
         Examples – 
         - Premier 1 and 2 players can only club pass to the other premier bracket and to D1 regardless
           of the age group you are club passing to. 
         - You
cannot club pass within the same bracket in which your team participates.
         - Player's cannot club pass down more than 2 divisions.
         - Multi-rostered players can only club pass from the team they are primary rostered to, not from
           their secondary team. 
   If none of these scenarios apply and you’re still having problems please call the state office at 801-307-5150
   and we will look into the problem for you. 
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