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About Us

The volunteers and youth sports clubs that are part of the Legacy Fields Project welcome you to this informative website. Here, you can learn about how we use donated land, how youth activities benefit our communities, and what you can do to get involved.


What Is The Legacy Fields Project?


The Legacy Fields Project is a major initiative designed to be a long-term solution to a consistent and growing issue: The need to provide quality field space for youth soccer. Each year, youth sporting activities throughout the state are losing access to fields as cities, school districts, and other field operators are faced with scarce supply and increasing demand.


This issue is affecting access to fields, leaving many clubs without any space to play. The high demand is also increasing the expense of renting fields for youth organizations across the state. Although some areas have been able to accommodate the needs of various organizations and clubs, the vast majority of youth sports teams are being faced with this growing challenge every season.


In order to address this issue within the soccer community, the Legacy Fields Foundation formed an exploratory committee in 2014 to look at this problem and identify a long-term solution. Our committee met with key stakeholders in the soccer community as well as cities, school districts, and others as we looked to identify potential solutions. It became clear that, in order to solve this issue, the most likely path to increase access to quality fields is to partner with municipalities, school districts, private citizens, businesses, and/or other entities to build dedicated soccer fields.


A model was created by the committee in which the foundation proposed providing funds for the installation and maintenance of fields in partnership with landowners who are willing to provide their land for use as a dedicated soccer field. The committee explored this model with municipalities, private landowners, and school districts. After a positive response, the committee then presented this model as a potential solution to the majority of soccer clubs throughout the state at regional meetings.


Following these regional meetings, the original model was adjusted to meet the needs of the majority of soccer clubs in the state. Although each club has unique needs, the vast majority of the clubs now support the revised model and the implementation of this initiative.


The project was monitored and reviewed by the board in open board meetings. The   board also initiated a state-wide parent survey about the current state of youth soccer. This information was collected and presented, and the survey identified quality and availability of field space as the number one concern.


After substantial review, study, and discussion, the board heard public comments and ultimately approved the Legacy Fields Project, which implements a $40 annual fee for competition players.


The fees collected under the Legacy Fields Project are restricted funds that will be used for field development in the region in which they are collected. This ensures that fees are spent in the region they are collected, for the benefit of the players, and long-term development of fields in that region. Although $40 is a significant fee, it will be used to pay for the procuring, building, maintenance, and long-term upkeep of the fields. By supporting the Legacy Fields Project, you are enabling youth in your community to have sustained access to space where they can enjoy the various perks of participating in youth sports.



Support Your Community!

We're always looking for additional support in identifying the best use of funds for maintanence or purchase and development of new fields. If you'd like to be involved please contact or your region representative. 





Region Committee Members
State Committee
State Committee Rep. Orden Yost 801-580-5224
State Committee Rep.
Jake Carter
State Committee Rep.
Debbie Francis
State Committee Rep.
Bill Gaskill
Region 1
UYSA Region 1 Director Russ Austin


Committee Member
PJ Sutton
Committee Member
Dave Putnam
Committee Member
Sheri Rick
Region 2
UYSA Region 2 Director

Zig Peacock


*Committee Chair
Tim Wheelwright
Committee Member
Todd Strong
Committee Member
Darrin Rumsey
Committee Member
Toby Yoshida
Committee Member
Keith Toyn
Region 3
UYSA Region 3 Director Justin Harryman


Committee Member
Andy Stephenson
Committee Member
Pete Gillwald
Committee Member
Scott Butler
Committee Member
Nate Shipp
Region 4
UYSA Region 4 Director Renata Lawson


Committee Member
Jonathan Hinckley
Committee Member
Karli Smith
Committee Member
Javier Poveda
Committee Member
Andy Tzetcoff
Committee Member
Neil Calderwood
Region 5
UYSA Region 5 Director Lisa Brockbank


Committee Member
Jerry Pennock
Committee Member
Mike Parker
Committee Member Ben Blakley 801-787-5830
Region 6
UYSA Region 6 Director Kyle Pasley


*Committee Chair
Derek Morton
Committee Member
Wes Davis
Committee Member
Travis Wilkinson
Committee Member
Skyler Scott
Committee Member
Phil Schmidt
Committee Member
David Hunter

*Represents a Region Committee Chair*