How Do I Print a Game Day Roster? 
Only coaches and administrators who are rostered to the team in the system have access to print 
game day rosters.
To print a game day roster: (New Affinity Look)

Go to
Click on Member Login on the top right of the page
Log in to your UYSA Coaching/Admin Account (should still be linked to your family)
The Screen is split in 2 halfs, Pictures on the top, Tabs on the bottom half click the TEAMS tab
A new window will pop up with 2 tabs
        on the new tabs Click Tournament and Scheduing Apps
 There should be 2 links on the right hand side click Game Scoring/Scheduling
Click the Print Roster button by the game
The print roster button will appear 24 hours before a game, Teams are encouraged to print as close to game time as possible

**Coaches and Admins**
This is also where you go to find contact information for the other team for reschedules, click directly on the name of the other team.

NOTE: It is no longer required to print a roster for the other coach.
Referees should check the date and time stamp on the roster and use the one that is most recent.
Teams are strongly encouraged to print close to game time.

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