How do I reschedule a game? 


Teams can initiate two reschedules, if the reschedule is completed in the system before the league begins you will not be charged, if the reschedule is completed after the league begins you will be charged a $50.00 reschedule fee.

If you are rescheduling for weather, no referees or unplayable fields do not click the reschedule button, follow steps 1-4 and then follow step 4B. Send reschedule information to

To reschedule for any other reason follow reschedule steps 1-4 and follow 4A.

*To reschedule a game using the reschedule button , click HERE for video instructions.*

To reschedule ALL games 

Both teams MUST agree to the schedule online through the reschedule button before a reschedule is complete. (If you do not see it changed on your schedule it is NOT rescheduled!)

1. Contact the opposing team using email (contact information appears after you LOG-IN and go to your schedule)
        (click on the teams name) 

2. Find several dates that teams agree on. If both teams agree to reschedule, the initiating team (NOT
 HOME TEAM) will go in and push the reschedule button.

3. The HOME team needs to contact their FIELD ASSIGNOR and REFEREE ASSIGNOR for approval, send them dates to approve for the reschedule.

**NO GAME should be rescheduled (using the button or sending information in) without approval from your 
FIELD and REFEREE ASSIGNOR contact your club if you don't know who they are.

4. After the NEW date, time and field are approved by assignors and opposing team 

A. Click on the reschedule button initiating team (it does not have to be the home team), put in payment information (if asked for), enter reschedule information (either team can enter the reschedule information, depending on when and who initiated the change and clicked the reschedule button first.)  Both teams must log in and enter reschedule information or accept the change.
 The change will not be complete until you receive and email from affinity stating the change and the reschedule history says complete. Your schedule will update within 15 mins of a correctly completed reschedule.

Send it to the opposing team, they MUST go in and ACCEPT the reschedule for the change to appear.

Do not send any information to the state if you completed your reschedule online,
B. Send information to if it was a reschedule due to weather, no referees, unplayable conditions.

MUST have Game Number, Date, Time, Field Name and Number also please state that the teams, field and referee assingors approve.


IF you are rescheduling for weather, no referees or unplayable fields do not click the reschedule button, to reschedule for any other reason use the reschedule button.

*To reschedule a game using the reschedule button , click
HERE for video instructions.*

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