How do I reschedule a game? 
Before any reschedules take place you must contact your club to find out your club’s reschedule 
policy. Your club may have more strict policies regarding reschedules (mostly due to field 
availability). Your club’s policy will trump the minimum guidelines below. 
For our full reschedule policy and to find out when games are eligible to be rescheduled click 
1. You must first agree upon a new date and time with the opposing coach 
2. You must then contact your field assignor to make sure a field is available at that time 
3. You must then contact your ref assignor to unschedule referees on your original date and time 
and to schedule new referees to your new date and time. If you fail to notify your ref assignor 
and referees show up to a canceled game the home team will be responsible for paying the 
referee fees. 
You must then send an email to to have the game rescheduled in 
the system. Include the game number, previous date, time and venue and the new date time and 
An email will be sent to both teams after the reschedule has been process in the system. 
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