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SCL, IRL, X-League Schedule and Standings




*NEWS* League Announcements
(updated 6/1/2017)

2017 Alignment Details


?League Medals- Medal are available for immediate pick up, request form must be filled out.

  • SPRING 2017 MEDAL REQUEST FORM- This form is specifically for SCL, IRL, X-League (SU IRL teams may request there medals on the SU IRL page)
    • Teams finishing in FIRST or SECOND place may order medals
    • U15 and above only receive medals for FIRST place and at the end of their SPRING season
    • Medal orders are limited to players rostered to the team and a max. of 3 coaches
    • Please do not order medals for club passed players
    • Pick up your medals at the UYSA State Office: 9159 South State Street Sandy Utah 84070
    • If you want your medals SHIPPED, please fill out the mailing address on the above form and call the office to pay the $16.00 shipping fee.  801-307-5150


Refund Request Information

  • Fall 2017 Referee Refund Link will be available after November 15, 2017


Rescheduling Policy and Process

  • League Game Reschedule Policy
  1. Teams are allowed to initiate two (2) reschedules (with or without the cost)
    • Reschedules cost $50 per game starting the 1st day of league play
    • Reschedules must be COMPLETE before the 1st day of league play to not be charged
      • COMPLETE -- Changed on the UYSA schedule
      • Spring 2017 League begins Saturday March 18, 2107 at 12 am
    • Reschedules must be complete 5 days before the original schedule date
      • Example: Game scheduled Saturday at 1 pm, must be completed Monday before 1 pm
  2. Before clicking the reschedule request button, the HOME team must have field and referee assignor approval
    • Please email all contacts outside of Affinity before initiating the reschedule
  3. The team initiating the reschedule should click the button (does not matter if home or away)
    • Away teams MUST have an email from the home team with field and referee assignor approval


If you are rescheduling for weather, no referees, or unplayable fields, DO NOT click the reschedule button.  Send the reschedule request information to


  • How to Reschedule ALL League Games
  1. Contact the opposing team using email
    • Log into your UYSA Affinity account
    • Make sure your picture is highlighted
    • Click TEAMS on the tab below
    • On the new tab, click Tournament and Schedule Apps
    • Click Schedules/Game Scoring on the right hand side (by the team you want)
    • Click the opposing team name to see contact information
    • Email ALL contacts from your personal email.  (Do not use the reschedule button at this time)
  2. Find several dates and times that teams agree on
    • The home team MUST contact their FIELD ASSIGNORS and REFEREE ASSIGNORS for approval
      • **NO GAME should be rescheduled (using the button or sending information in) without approval from the home team