How do I score a game? 
After a match has been played both the home and away coach and admins have access to input 
the score and comments about the match. Both coaches may input the score and specific players 
who scored goals. The comments will only be visible to UYSA office staff and will not be seen 
by the referee or the opposing coach. The referee of the game is required to input their game 
report (also including score) within 24 hours of the game ending. Referees will not input which 
players scored goals but will report the score of the game, any cautions or ejections, and any 
other important match information. Coaches are not to report red cards of opposing players but 
may input red cards of their own players if a referee has failed to do so. Coaches and admins 
have 3 days (72 hours) to input goal scorers before the game is locked. UYSA cannot update 
goal scorers for you after the game is locked. 
If coaches input differing scores the match will show Contested Score (CS) and the results will 
not finalize until the score of the match is verified with the referee(s) of the match by UYSA 
office staff. Please contact us if a match shows as Contested Score for more than a week. 
To score a game: 
1. Log in to your usya coaches/admin account 
2. Click on the schedules/game scoring link next to your team’s state competition or x-league 
application in the Tournament Application/Game Scoring section. 
3. Find the match just played and click on the score box next to your team name. 
4. Enter score for home and away team (if you are entering a score you must enter the score for 
both teams – if you just put in your score and save it will save the opposing team’s score as 0 and 
most likely result in a CS) 
5.To enter which player’s scored goals choose the player from the select admin/player drop 
down and then choose goal from the Item drop down and add. If a player scored more than one 
goal repeat the process. 
Coaches and Admins will only have 3 days (72 hours) to input goal statistics for their 
players after a match is completed, after 4 days the game will be locked. UYSA office staff 
cannot enter goal statistics for your team after the game is locked.
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