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Southern Utah Inter-Regional League

To Provide a competitive soccer experience that will train our youth for competitive tournaments and prepare them for high school and college tryouts.

League Announcements (updated 01/29/2019)


  • 2019 Spring Southern Utah Medal Request 
    • Teams finishing in First and Second place may order medals.
    • U15 and above will only receive medals for First place.
  • Medals will be available pick them up from the office, delivered to you with shipping, or picked up from Terry Ogden.

League Details & Reminders

Reschedule Process
  • Contact the opposing coach directly (Not through Affinity, yet) to find 2 or 3 alternative game dates with an a.m. or p.m. preference.
  • Email the alternative dates to all 3 of the following: ?

Please put "RESCHEDULE REQUEST" in the memo portion of the email and remember it is up to you to follow up with us if you do not hear back within 24-36 hours!!

  • If and when your reschedule date is approved by both Kariann and Terry Ogden you will then need to request the approved date through the Affinity system and follow up with the opposing coach to make sure it gets accepted.


  • Each Team has 2 reschedule requests available. If used and completed prior to the free reschedule request deadline (MIDNIGHT FEB, 25TH, 2019) then the reschedule request are no charge. THE DEADLINE FOR ALL GAMES SCHEDULED PRIOR TO MARCH 2ND, 2019 IS 5 FULL DAYS PRIOR TO KICKOFF TIME OF THE MATCH!
  • If the requests are made or completed after the free reschedule request deadline has past, there is a $50.00 fee charged to your c.c. when the reschedule is completed through Affinity. The free reschedule request deadline will expire 2 weeks after the schedule is released.
  • All reschedule requests must be COMPLETED a FULL 5 Days prior to the originally scheduled kick off time for the game. This includes games scheduled prior to the reschedule request deadline!

Please remember the following are errors and will not count as one of your 2 free reschedule requests: 
You will still need to follow the procedure listed above, but you need to notify Kariann and Terry of the reason for the request.
  1. Out of County weeknight games. These are automatically generated by the system and we don't always catch all of them.
  2. Games scheduled on your School districts (designated) spring break. Washington County teams are playing on the 9th your designated Saturday off is March 16th, 2019. Clark and Iron Counties are off on April 20th.
  3. Double headers with less than 3 full hours between games, double headers will be more likely for teams that live outside of Washington County, this due to our trying to keep teams from traveling during the week.
  4. Games scheduled over State Cup. If your team is participating in UYSA State Cup we will gladly reschedule any conflicting league matches.

Club Passing 
Club Passing is one of the benefits of being a part of a Member Organization.  If you are a part if the following Member Organizations, you may use the club pass feature.  If your team is not a part of the listed Member Organizations below you are not allowed to club pass.  
  • Color Country Futbol Club
  • FC Mesquite
  • Rage FC
  • Liverpool F.C. International Academy Utah
  • Cima FC
  • SU Real
  • United FC 


Click here for instructions on how to club pass.

 Game Day Rosters
 To check-in with the referee for your game, please bring a printed Game Day Roster to the field.  Referees will not be accepting digital player cards.
Click here for a link on how to print your Game Day Roster.


League Details


Contact Information

  • Field Assignor - Terry Ogden
  • Referee Assignor - Kariann Atkin


Team Information

  • All teams must have the minimum number of players in order to register and play in the SU IRL
  • Late team registration will not be accepted into the gaming league.
    • U9-U10- teams must have at least 7 players registered and 2 coaches. (with U.S. Soccer Licenses)
    • U11-U12 teams must have at least 9 players registered and 2 coaches. (with U.S. Soccer Licenses)
    • U13-U19 teams must have at least 11 players registered and 2 coaches. (with U.S. Soccer Licenses)
  • Every player will need a valid birth certificate and photo for registration to be completed in the SU-IRL.
  • COST: $120 (Fall & Spring league)
  • AGES: U10-U19


Please contact your Club Registrar for a link to register for the season.

SUSA- Natalie Wiest

Cima FC - Kat Esplin

Color Country Futbol Club- Paige Marsh

FC Mesquite- Heidee Draney

7 Elite Academy- Dan Aubrey 

Rage FC- Calindy Twede

United FC- Sara Souza

Independent TeamsPlease reach out to either Kat Esplin, Paige Marsh, or Calindy Twede for services.