TOSH Soccer Speed & Agility Testing Combine
Dustin Bybee, ATC
TOSH Soccer Program Coordinator

TOSH Soccer Combine 6/16/2012                                                                                                                    Summary:Females
Athletic Assessment
20yd                    (sec)
40yd                    (sec)
VerticalJump           (inches)
Average                        2.91
Range                        2.39-4.04
Average                        6.11
Range                       5.34-7.29
Average                           13.69
Range                             8.5-18.5
Arrowhead:R             (sec)
Arrowhead:L           (sec)
Average                        8.69
Range                       5.42-11.03
Average                        8.91
Range                       7.9-10.97
Average                         17'10" Range                          13'0"-22'9"
Technical Assessment
Ball Strike:R              (mph)
Ball Strike:L              (mph)
Average                          46
Range                           33-54
Average                          41
Range                           29-53
Accuracy:R             (outof 5)
Accuracy:L             (outof 5)
60yd w/ball                    (sec)
Average                        0.61
Range                              0-2
Average                        0.38
Range                              0-3
Average                           17.73
Range                         14.88-20.63
Endurance Assessment
Push-ups                 (in 30sec)
Sit-ups                     (in 60sec)
Jumps                           (in 30sec)
Average                          23
Range                           12-40
Average                          48
Range                           27-80
Average                              45
Range                               22-61
Beep Test                    (level)
Group Statistics:Females
Average                 9-7
Range            4-9to13-9
Total Compared: 64* AverageAge: 14.28
Range: 11-18
*This years' results were pooled with results from all participants of the 2011 combine who were 13 or older.
Top Performersof 2012
20yd: Angela Timm
BallStrike (R): TatumLefler
Push-ups: Angela Timm
40yd: Ana Moran
BallStrike (L): Rachel Richards
Sit-ups: Emily Bahr
Vertical Jump: Angela Timm/Shelby Lopaz
Accuracy (R): 8-way tie
Jumps: Angela Timm/TatumLefler
Arrowhead (R): Ashley Denning
Accuracy (L): Devin Debelean
BeepTest: Jane Maus
Arrowhead (L): Angela Timm
60 ydw/ball: Ana Moran
3 HopTest: Ana Moran
Thanks athletes! We hope to see you again next year!
Male Results
thletic Assessment
20yd                    (sec)
40yd                    (sec)
VerticalJump                (inches)
Average                        2.92
Range                        2.19-3.82
Average                        5.75
Range                       4.88-6.87
Average                                17.86
Range                                 10.5-23.5
Arrowhead:R             (sec)
Arrowhead:L           (sec)
3 HopTest                           (ft'in")
Average                        8.46
Range                        7.33-9.73
Average                        8.49
Range                       7.33-9.59
Average                                21'.5"
Range                               15'0"-27'4"
Ball Strike:R              (mph)
Ball Strike:L              (mph)
Average                          52
Range                           38-69
Average                          47
Range                           28-65
Accuracy:R             (outof 5)
Accuracy:L             (outof 5)
60yd w/ball                         (sec)
Average                        0.63
Range                              0-3
Average                        0.59
Range                              0-3
Average                                16.24
Range                              14.03-21.03
Push-ups                 (in 30sec)
Sit-ups                     (in 60sec)
Jumps                                (in 30sec)
Average                          32
Range                           18-46
Average                          57
Range                           29-87
Average                                    49
Range                                    30-64
Beep Test                    (level)
Group Statistics:Males
Average                11-2
Range            5-3to14-9
Total Compared: 73*
AverageAge: 14
Range: 10-17
*This years'results were pooled with results from all participants of the 2011 combine who were 13 or older.
Top Performersof 2012
20yd: Matthew Brown
BallStrike (R): Matthew Brown
Push-ups: Jarren Briscoe
40yd: MarcusTaylor
BallStrike (L): KeatonWalker
Sit-ups: Michael Neddo
Vertical Jump: Lucas Gray/Tomas Herrera
Accuracy (R): NoahWebster/Jack Jensen
Jumps: MarcusTaylor
Arrowhead (R): Tomas Herrera
Accuracy (L): 5-way tie
BeepTest: Alex Jackson
Arrowhead (L): Lukas Gray
60 ydw/ball: BrighamJackson
3 HopTest: Tomas Herrera/MarcusTaylor
Thanks athletes! We hope to see you again next year!

What is the Speed and Agility Testing Combine?
The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital is the official sports medicine and sports performance training center for Utah Youth Soccer Association. Due to the exclusive partnership with UYSA, we here at TOSH have designed a soccer specific testing combine to test a player’s physical ability. This is the 2nd annual TOSH Soccer Speed and Agility Testing Combine. Last year’s event was very successful and we look forward to building this into a very successful annual event.
This unique testing camp is something that is still very new to the soccer community. There are only a few “soccer combines” that exist nationally. To our knowledge there has never been a complete soccer testing combine performed for youth soccer players here in Utah. We will only be testing players who are currently play in the U-14 to U-18 age groups and looking to push their soccer career to the next level.
The combine consists of 12 carefully selected soccer specific tests that are designed to test overall athleticism, technical ability and endurance levels of a soccer player. A complete description of every test being performed is attached to the UYSA website.
Why should I participate in this unique testing?
            This testing program allows players to use their scores for recruiting purposes, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, and to compare themselves to those players they play with and against. The overall goal is to continue this testing combine annually giving players a chance to improve their previous year’s scores. This will be a great tool for players to have objective data on their levels of improvement over years of playing and training.
General information
            All participants will receive: Individual testing with personal scores, Combine t-shirt, TOSH drawstring cleat bag, and 45 minutes of soccer specific nutrition information with healthy a refreshment, and 45 minutes of injury prevention information to assist players in staying healthy and injury free. Participants will also receive a follow up email with their personal scores compared with players of their same age and gender.
Due to the possibility of very high numbers and our focus on quality we will limit the number of participants to 100 players per gender. Registration is first come first serve.
Testing Date: June 16th, 2012
Girls: U-14 through U-18
Where:                                                           Registration:             8:30am – 9:00am
The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital          Testing Time:           9:00am – 11:30am
5848 So. Fashion Blvd                                 Education:                 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Murray, UT 84107                                                                           
Boys: U-14 through U-18
Where:                                                           Registration:             10:00am – 10:30am
The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital          Education:                 10:30am – 12:00pm
5848 So. Fashion Blvd                                 Testing Time:           1:00pm – 3:00pm
Murray, UT 84107                                                                           
Registration Information:
-          Every participant must pre-register and pay through the UYSA website. You do not need to print out the scorecard. Notice that there is only enough room for 100 players for each gender. First come first serve.
-          All participants must report to the registration tent on the TOSH Soccer Field (northeast part of campus) during designated registration time.
-          Cash refunds will not be given.
-          The registration tent will hand out individual testing cards, t-shirts, and bags.
-          Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch, but must stay off to the side and observe only for the safety of our athletes.
*** Questions or comments regarding this testing combine should be email to: or you may call me at Office: 801 314 4111.
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