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Tournament Sanctioning Subcommittee 

Tournament Subcommittee Chair      Jodene Smith
Region 1                                           Cassie Baker
Region 2                                           Chelta Brown
Region 3                                           Cora Lucero
Region 4                                           Rich Hathaway
Region 5                                           Morgan Gilliam
Region 6                                           Kari Ann Atkin

2016 Utah State Approved Tournaments

Being a sanctioned and recognized tournament of UYSA entitles tournaments all of the benefits of UYSA as well as the insurance that carries over to protect players and coaches. All sanctioned tournaments have agreed to follow state guidelines and bylaws regarding tournaments to ensure that teams, districts, and leagues are working together to provide the best possible experience for you as players and coaches. Each tournament has been reviewed prior to being sanctioned and will be reviewed after the games for compliance to policies.


Spring RSL State Cup 2016
Date: May 16-26, 2016 (Regional Athletic Compex (RAC))
Roster Freeze:  
Age: Girls U11-U19 & Boys U11-U13
Host: Utah Youth Soccer Association
Entry Fee: $900
Director: Bryan Attridge
Utah Youth Soccer Association
9159 South State Street
Sandy, UT 84070


Rage Invitational
Date: February 17, 18 & 20, 2017
Registration Begins: As early as September
Registration Deadline: January 20, 2017
Age: U7-U8 Jamboree B/G | U9-U18 Competitive B/G

Host: Rage FC
Location: St George, Utah
Fee: U7-U8-$275 |U9-U12-$575 | U13-U18-$675 *For Discount Fee please see Tournament Rules*

Contact: Paul Miravete Email:  Phone: 702-592-8301

Wasatch Soccer Classic
Date: May 25-30 2016
Deadline: April 25, 2016

Age: U9-U18
Host: Wasatch Soccer Club
Location: Kaysville

Fee:  U9- $500; U10-U11 $550 U12-U18 $600
Contact: Kerri Kingston Email

Cache Valley Mini Cup

Date: May 28th, 2016
May 14th, 2016
Age: U5-U18 Boys and Girls
Host: Northern Utah United

Location: Smithfield, Utah 
$80 Entry Fee
Contact: Katie Hollingsworth Email:

Utah Summer Games
Date: June 9-11, 2016
Deadline: May 18, 2016 (NEW)
Age: U9-U18 Boys and Girls
Host: Color Country Futbol club (CCFC)
Location: Cedar City, Utah
Fee:U9-U10 $425, U11-U14 $500, U15-U18 $550
Contact: LaShell Murray Email:

Razzia Cup @ Taylorsville Dayzz 5v5
Date: June 20-23rd, 2016
June 6th, 2016
Age: U9-U18 Boys and Girls
Host: Razzia Futbol Club

Location: Taylorsville, Utah
$250 Entry Fee
Contact: Neil Calderwood Email:

Avalanche Invitational
Date: June 10-12, 2016
Deadline: May 15, 2016
Age: U9-U18 Boys and Girls
Host: Utah Avalanche SC
 Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Complex
U9-U10--$500; U11-U14--$650; U15-U18--$900

Rampage Classic
Date: June 22-25,2016
Deadline: June 12, 2016
Age: U8 Jamboree
         U9-U17 Boys and Girls
Host: Rampage Soccer Club
Weber County Fairgrounds, Ogden Utah
U7-U8 Jamboree-- $300.00; U9-U11-- $425.00; U12-U18--$500
Contact: Keith Toyn Email:
Website: Rampage Classic


Utah Surf  Invitational

Date: June 22-25, 2016
Registration Begins:
Registration Deadline: June 10, 2016
Age: U9-U18
Host: Utah Surf Soccer Club
Location: West Jordan Complex
Fee: U9-U10 $375, U11-U12 $500, U13-U18- $550
Contact: Spencer Bills Email:  

Midnight Cup
June 29-July 2, 2016
Deadline: June 20, 2016
Age: U9-U19/20 Boys and Girls

Host:TC United
Tooele County
U9-U11 $500 ($1 refundable per lb of donated food up to $100)
        U12-U18 $600 ($1 refundable per lb of donated food up to $200)

Casey Walker Email:
Assistant Director:
Registration Link:


Impact Tournament
Date: July 6-9,2016
June 26, 2016
Age: U9-U18/19 Boys and Girls
Host: Impact United Soccer Club
Location: Highland High, Holladay City, Cottonwood Heights Complex
Fee: U9-U10-- $475, U11-12-- $525, U13-U18/U19-- $600
Contact: Melinda Sorensen Email:

Elite FC 5v5 Tournament
July 7-9, 2016
Deadline: June 26, 2016
Age: U9-U18 Boys and Girls

Host: Elite FC
Stansbury Park, Utah
U9-U18 $250
Jonathan Hinckley   Email:


Cache Valley Cup
Date:July 13-16, 2016
June 19, 2016 at 11:59pm
Age: U9-U18 (District & Comp) Boys and Girls
Northern Utah United Youth Soccer
Location: Cache Valley, UT
U9-U10--$450; U11-U12 -- $475; U13-U18--$550

Contact: Cassie Baker Email:





35th Sparta Cup

Date:  July 12-16, 2016 - Deadline: June 24, 2016

Age:   U09-U17/18 B/G Silver Division

Age:   U09-U15 B/G Gold Division July 14-16, 2016

Age:   U16-U17-U18/19 B/G College Showcase (4) Games format - July 14-16, 2016

Fee:   U09-U12 $525; *U9-U10 will use a 3 men referee system for tournament
           U13-U18 $650;
           College Showcase $700;

Host: Sparta United Soccer Club

Location: West Jordan Soccer Complex

Contact: Kim Henry - Email:



La Roca Cup
Date:July 20-23, 2016
July 1, 2016
 U7-U8 Jamboree 4v4; U9-U19
La Roca Futbol Club
Location: Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex
U7-U8 $225; U9-U10 $475; U11-U12 $575; U13-U19 $675
Contact: Tiffiny McCalla Email:

Utah Invitational
Date: July 20-23, 2016
Deadline: July 11, 2016
Age:U9-U18 Boys and Girls
Host: Utah FC
Location: Lakeside Sports Park
Fee: U9-U10 $395; U11-U12 $495; U13--U18 $595

Contact: Matt Ellinger 801-673-4921


Outlaws Champions Cup

Date: July 27-30, 2016
Deadline: July 16, 2016
Age: U9-U18 Boys and Girls
Host: Outlaws Futbol Club
Location: Ellison Park, Layton Utah
Fee: U9-$435; U10-U11--$495; U12-U18--$570
Contact: Steve Lovgren Email:
Website:Outlaw tournament website


Glory Cup
Date: July 27-30, 2016
Deadline: July 20, 2016
Age:U9-U18 Boys and Girls
Host:Utah Glory
Location:West Jordan Soccer Complex
Fee: U9-U10 $400 U11-U12 $500 U12-U18--$600  
Contact: Brent Dillon Email:
Website: Utah Glory Cup


13th Annual Park City Extreme Cup
Date: Aug 4-6, 2016
Deadline: Wednesday, June 22

Age: Boys & Girls U9-U19
Host: Park City Soccer Club
Location: Park City, Heber & Oakley
Fee: U9 & U10- $550* (7v7); U11 & U12- $625 (9v9); U13-U19-- $726
*U9 & U10 will play 3 referee system for semi-finals and finals
Contact: Shelley Gillwald Email:

Max Cup
Date: August 10-13, 2016
Deadline: July 22, 2016
Age: U7-U8 Jamboree Boys and Girls
U9-U19 Girls U9-U15 
Host: Murray Max Soccer Club
Location: Murray
Fee: U7-U8--$275, U9-U10--$475; U11-U12--$550; U13-U19--$650
Contact: Cora Lucero Email:

Utah Cup & Showcase
Date: Aug 11-13, 2016
Deadline: July 20, 2016
Age: U9-U18 Competative and District, Boys and Girls
Host: Celtic/Rangers Club
Location: Orem
U7/U8 (6X6 Jamboree): $300, U9/U10 (7v7): $475, U11/U12 (9v9): $575, U13 - U18 (11v11): $675
Contact: Morgan Gilliam Email:



Strikers Cup
Date: August 16-20, 2016
Deadline: July 20, 2016

Age: U7 & U8 Jamboree U9-U19 Boys and Girls
Host: Layton Strikers Football Club
Location: Ellison Park Layton, UT
Fee: U7-U8 -$300 ; U9-U10 -$450, U11-U12 - $500 ;  U13-U19-- $550
Contact: John Wallace Email:

2016 USA Adidas Cup
Dates: August 17-20, 2016
Registration Deadline: July 24, 2016
Age: U9-U18 Boys and Girls
Host: Utah Soccer Alliance
Location: West Jordan Soccer Complex
Fee: U9-U10 $475, U11-U12--$575, U13-U19--$675 

Contact: Brandon Lund Email:

Mayor's Cup 2016
Aug 30-Sept 5, 2016 (No Sunday play)
Deadline: August 14, 2016
Age:  U7-U8 Jamboree
          U9-U20 Boys; U9-U15 Girls and Girls High School Provisional
Host: Forza Futbol Club
Location:  Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Complex
Fee: U7 $275; U8 $300; U9-U10 $440; U11-U12 $540; U13-U20 $595  

Contact: Chelta Brown Email:

Dixie Invitational
Date: November 25-26, 2016
October 15, 2016
Age:  U7 & U8 Jamboree, 9-U19 Boys and Girls
Location: St George
U7-U8-- $200; U9-U12-- $500; U13-U19--$650
Contact: Kariann Atkin Email:

Presidents Cup
Boys/Girls U9-U12 - January 5-7, 2017
Boys U13-U17 - January 12-16, 2017
Girls U13-U17 - February 16-20, 2017
Age: U9-U17

Host: Utah Youth Soccer Association
Location:1635 Bertha Howe Ave
 Mesquite, NV 89027

Contact: Bryan Attridge
Utah Youth Soccer Association
9159 South State Street
Sandy, UT 84070


Coyote Cup Cup
Date: March 2-4, 2017
Age: U12-U19 Girls; U12-U15 Boys

Host: Utah Youth Soccer Association
Location:1635 Bertha Howe Ave
 Mesquite, NV 89027
Tournament Fee: $550

Contact: Bryan Attridge
Utah Youth Soccer Association
9159 South State Street
Sandy, UT 84070
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