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2017 Utah State Approved Tournaments

Being a sanctioned and recognized tournament of UYSA entitles tournaments all of the benefits of UYSA as well as the insurance that carries over to protect players and coaches. All sanctioned tournaments have agreed to follow state guidelines and bylaws regarding tournaments to ensure that teams, districts, and leagues are working together to provide the best possible experience for you as players and coaches. Each tournament has been reviewed prior to being sanctioned and will be reviewed after the games for compliance to policies.



Fire Club Cup
Date: February 3 and 4, 2017
Registration Deadline: January 8, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Fire FC
Location: St George, Utah
Fee: U7-U8 $275, U9-U10 $500, U11-U12-$550, U13-U19- $625
Contact: Jonny Broadhead Email:  


Rage Invitational
Date: February 17, 18 and 20, 2017
Registration Deadline: January 20, 2017
Age: U9-U18
Host: Rage FC
Location: St George, Utah
Fee: U9 -U12 $575, U13-U18 $675
Contact: Paul Miravete Email:  Phone: 702-592-8301

Wasatch Soccer Classic

Date: May 24-29 2017
Registration Deadline: April 24, 2017
Age: U7-U8 (Jamboree) U9-U19
Host: Wasatch Soccer Club

Location: Kaysville, Ut
Fee:  U7 $250, U8 $300, U9-U10 $500, U11-U12 $550 U13-U19 $600
Contact: Kerri Kingston Phone: 801-547-3977


Avalanche Invitational
Date: June 23-25, 2017
Registration Deadline: June 7th, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Utah Avalanche SC
 Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Complex
Fee: U9-U11 $500, U12-U14 $650; U15-U19 $900
Contact: Scott Butler Phone: 801-243-7686

  Surf INv. Logo Circle
Utah Surf Invitational
Date: June 29, 30, and July 1, 2017
Registration Deadline: June 16, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Utah Surf Soccer Club
Location: West Jordan Soccer Complex
Fee: U9-U10 $400, U11-U12 $525, U13- U19 $675
Contact: Blaine Hale Email:  
Phone: 801-228-0284

Ogden Peaks Classic Logo

Ogden Peaks Classic 2017

DateJune 29 - July 1, 2017
Registration Deadline: June 16, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: League30
Location: Ogden, Utah
Fee: U9-U10 $385, U11-U12-$475, U13-U19- $575
Contact: Darrin Rumsey Email:                                                                                                    Referee Assignor: Dirk Gunderson Contact via text 801-644-8893


Impact logo

Impact Tournament
Date: July 6-8,2017
Registration Deadline: June 25th, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Impact United Soccer Club 

Location: Cottonwood Rec Center, Bonneville Jr. High
Check in: July 5, 2017 from 4-8 pm at Cottonwood Heights Pavilion
U9-U10 $500, U11-U12 $550, U13-U18/U19 $625
Contact: Melinda Sorensen Email: Phone: 801-971-1699
Referee Assignor: Sherrie Griffiths

cache valley cup
Cache Valley Cup
Date: July 12-15, 2017
Registration Deadline: June 18, 2017 
Age: U9-U19
Host: Northern Utah United Youth Soccer 
Cache Valley, UT
Fee: U9-U10 $450; U11-U12 $550; U13-U19 $625
Contact: Cassie Baker Email: Phone: 435-760-9202 

36th Sparta Cup

Date:  July 12-15, 2017 

Registration Deadline: June 27, 2017

Age:  U8-U19; Gold and Silver Divisions

Gold Divisions U15-U19 Boys/Girls (4) Games Showcase Format July 13-15, 2017

(Girls: U15-19 will have later start due to the BYU camp.)

Fee:  U8 $350, U9-U10 $450, U11-U12 $550, U13-U19 $650

Host: Sparta United Soccer Club

Location: West Jordan Soccer Complex

Contact: Kim Henry - Email:  Phone: 385-347-7554

La Roca Cup
Date:July 19-22, 2017
Registration Deadline: June 26, 2017
Age: U7-U19
Host: La Roca Futbol Club

Location: Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex
Fee: U7 $300; U8 $400; 
U9-U10 $525; U11-U12 $625; U13-U19 $725
Contact: Wendy Kenney Email: Phone: 801-825-6040

Utah-Invitational logo

Utah Invitational 2017
Date: July 20-22, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 1, 2017
Host: Utah FC
Location: Lakeside Sports Park
Fee: U9-U10 $450; U11-U12 $550; U13-U19 $650

Contact: Kyle Christensen Email: Phone: 801-721-2663
Logo - 2016 Outlaws Cup

Outlaws Champions Cup
Date: July 26-29, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 12, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Outlaws Futbol Club
Location: Ellison Park, Layton Utah
Fee: U9-U10 $485; U11-U12--$545; U13-U19--$570

Contact: Steve Lovgren Email: Phone: 804-833-2092                                                                           Referee Assignor: Teresa Peacock Email:


pc extreme socce
14th Annual Park City Extreme Cup
Date: July 27-29, 2017
Registration Deadline: June 21, 2017
Age: U9-U19 
Host: Park City Soccer Club

Location: Park City, Heber & Oakley
Fee: U9-U10 $550, U11-U12 $625, U13-U19 $725

Contact: Shelley Gillwald Email: 
Contact: Cora Lucero  Email: 


Utah Glory logo

Glory Cup
Date: August 3-5, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 20, 2017
Age: U8 - U19 
Host: Utah Glory
Location: West Jordan Soccer Complex
Fee: U8 -$100, U9-U12 $450, U13-U19 $650
Contact:  Sara Vander Veur


color country
Color Country Classic
Date: August 3-5, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 17th, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Color Country Futbol Club

Location: Cedar City, UT
Fee: U9-U10 $450, U11-U12 $500, U13-U19 $600

Contact: LeShell Murray Email: Phone: 435-669-9601


Max Cup Logo with Ball

Max Cup
Date: August 9-12, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 20, 2017
Age: U9-U19

Host: Murray Max Soccer Club
Location: Murray
Fee: U9-U10--$475; U11-U12--$575; U13-U19--$675
Contact: Monica Collard Email: Phone: 801-706-0173

Utah Cup
Date: Aug 9-12, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 24, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Celtic/Rangers Club
Location: Orem
Fee: U9-U10 $475, U11-U12 $575, U13-U19 $675

Contact: Morgan Gilliam Email: 
Phone: 801-599-2389 

adidas cup logo small

2017 USA Adidas Cup
Dates: August 15-19, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 23, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Utah Soccer Alliance
Location: West Jordan Soccer Complex
Fee: U9-U10 $525, U11-U12 $625, U13-U19 $725 

Contact: Brandon Lund Email: Phone: 801-450-2162 
2017 Utah Storm Cup
Date: Aug 16-19th, 2017
Registration Deadline: July 28th, 2017
Age: U9-U19
Host: Utah Storm Soccer Club
Location: Lakeside Sports
 Park; Orem, UT
Fee: U9-U10 $450; U11-U12 $550; U13-U19 $650  
Email:  Phone: 801-210-9382 


Mayors Cup 2017
Date: Aug 29-Sept 4, 2017
Registration Deadline: August 11, 2017
Age: U7-U19
Host: Forza Futbol Club
Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex, Legacy Events Center, Forza Farmington Complex, Centerville City Park
Fee: U7 $275; U8 $300; U9-U10 $440; U11-U12 $540; U13-U19 $595  
Contact: Chelta Brown Email: Phone: 801-298-4625 ext 211
Assistant Tournament Director: Brittney Hall Email: 
Tournament Director of Scheduling: Jarrod Hall Email:

Hero cup logo 2017 (2)
Hero's Cup 2017
Date: November 10-13, 2017
Registration Deadline: October 20, 2017
Age: U8-U19 and High School Division
Host: FC Mesquite Soccer Club
Mesquite, NV
Fee: U9-U10 $500; U11-U12 $550; U13-High School $600 
Contact: Shelly Stenberg Email: Phone: 702-206-0234
Dixie Invitational
Date: November 24-25, 2017
Registration Deadline: October 15, 2017
Age: U7-U19
Host: SUSA

Location: St George
Fee: U7-U8 $200, U9-U12 $500, U13-U19 $650

Contact: Kariann Atkin Email: Phone: 435-632-3130
Referee Assignors: Burton and Heather Karns