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Certified League Registrar Contact List

Utah Youth Soccer's Certified League Registrars are independent contractors who work directly with Member Organizations that hire them for their services.  Each registrar goes through a certification process by the state and must pass a re-certification test each year in order to remain certified.

Region 1      
Member Organization Name Email Phone
Box Elder United Jean Bywater  
Northern Utah United Terri Baker 435-753-8202
South Cache Soccer League Janet Blad  
Region 2      
Member Organization Name Email Phone
AYSO United (NORTH) Shyre & Tiffany Creamer 801-731-1512
Forza Futbol Club Meredith Sainsbury 801-298-4625
La Roca Futbol Club Wendy Kenney  
La Roca Futbol Club Laura Coffee  
La Roca Futbol Club Heidi Wheelwright 801-825-6040
La Roca Futbol Club Angie Nydegger  
League 30 Tracy Proulx 801-390-1671
Rampage Soccer Club Shyre & Tiffany Creamer 801-731-1512
Strikers FC Robi Spendlove  
Strikers FC Rob Ure  
Utah Surf (DAVIS COUNTY) Sarah Allred  
Wasatch Soccer Club Amanda Davis  
Region 3      
Member Organization Name Email Phone
7 Elite Academy (NORTH, METRO) Dan Aubrey 385 351 3496
AYSO United (METRO) Heather Siddoway  
Blue Knights Soccer Heather Siddoway  
Comba FC Julie Weir 801-282-0717
Cottonwood FC Heather Siddoway  
Impact United Melinda Sorensen  
Murray Soccer Club Debbie Spackman  
Park City Soccer Club Kim Lesueur  
Sparta United Heather Siddoway  
Utah Avalanche/AFC Apex Giselle Selley  
Region 4      
Member Organization Name Email Phone
Ajax Joga Utah Wendy Baca  
Copper Mountain Soccer Monica Kelley 801-913-9040
Elite FC Shayla Clegg  
Fusion FC Cindee Sommer 801-860-1175
Razzia Futbol Club Julie Weir 801-282-0717
Salt Lake FC Julie Weir 801-282-0717
TC United Leslie Fackrell 435-830-6977
Utah Development Academy Stephanie Saperstein  801-259-0772
Utah Glory Sara King 801-915-3205
Utah Soccer Alliance Kristine Tillman 801-618-7479
VKCOBRAS FC Judy Jaimes  
West Jordan Youth Soccer Stephanie Southworth  
West United Soccer Jacob Anderson  801-948-0770
Region 5      
Member Organization Name Email Phone
Celtic Storm/Rangers Courtney Robbins  
Celtic Storm/Rangers (EAST) Hillary Dummar  
Heber Valley Soccer Club Cicely Bright  
Nebo United Soccer Club Robyn Finch 801-465-7809
NUCS/UCSC Alisa Christensen 801-734-9720
Octane Futbol Club Kari Haslem  
Orem Youth Soccer Heather Karns 801-623-2030

Eagle Mountain Youth Soccer

Lindi Shumaker  
Price Youth Soccer  Tracy Brady 435-630-9011
Shooters Soccer Club Lena Bird  
United Academy Sara King 801-915-3205
Utah Arsenal Futbol Club Michelle Corbett 801-400-1874
Utah Storm Soccer Club Taffy Dangerfield  
Utah Surf UTAH COUNTY) Suzanne Brown  
Xolos Heather Karns 801-623-2030
Region 6      
Member Organization Name Email Phone
7 Elite Academy (SOUTH) Kelly Hansen  
Cima FC Kat Esplin  
Color Country Futbol Club Paige Marsh  
FC Mesquite Heidee Draney   
Independent Teams Kelly Hansen  
Rage FC Calindy Twede  
SUSA Natalie Wiest  
United FC Sara Souza