Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports Training

Concussions are a serious health concern in youth sports. UYSA is committed to the safety of our players and to educate our players, parents, coaches, referees and administrators in the dangers of concussion-related injuries.


  • All Coaches and Team Managers must take the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports training course.  The completed certificate must be uploaded to your Affinity Sports administrator account.

  • Please Note: before you complete the module, you will be instructed to add your name to the certificate.  You will need to print or save the certificate to your computer before leaving the training website. If you do not save the certificate you will lose all the data.


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Managing Player Concussions

  • If a player has been removed from participation due to demonstrating signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a head injury they must immediately begin the concussion clearance process.

  • A player must present the UYSA Concussion Clearance Form to their club prior to returning to play.  Clubs are responsible for processing the clearance in SOMS and keeping record.

Concussion Fact Sheets

For Coaches


For Parents


For Players

Concussion Awareness & Safety

Utah House Bill 204 "The Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries Act", effective as of May 10, 2011, requires amateur sports organizations to adopt and enforce a concussion head injury policy.  The policy will ensure the consistent and uniform implementation of a well-established concussion management program and return to play guidelines.