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Referee Information

Resources for referees reffing UYSA games.

To register as a NEW referee in the Affinity system follow these registration instructions below. 
How to Register as a Referee (ENGLISH)
 How to Register as  a Referee (SPANISH)  

Once you have done this, please email to be accepted in the system or with any questions.

Utah Referee Association

For all information or questions regarding the Referee Association please visit the following resources.


Online Match Reports
UYSA Forms
All referees must submit online match reports and red card reports within 48 hours of the game.

**UYSA League Updates**

Digital Player Cards and Game Day Rosters

Digital Player Cards have been approved for state competition league play. This means that teams are allowed to pull up their player passes on their smart phone or tablet at the fields. Many of you are familiar with the technology if you've refereed in State Cup, Presidents Cup, Coyote Cup, or had teams that used the platform last fall season. 
Teams can either use a traditional Game Day Roster for check in at a game or they can use Digital Player Cards. UYSA will accept either for check-in. The teams are responsible for providing their own device if they want to use the digital player cards for league play.
However, if you're familiar with the platform and are willing to use your smart phone or tablet you can log into the platform as a referee and pull up the player cards for the game on your phone. Red Cards, Concussion Restrictions, or Suspensions are shown on the digital cards. Jersey Numbers, if not already entered, can be entered.
If the teams are using their phones you just need to double check that the correct game # is pulled up and then check the pictures on the phone against the players who are checking in. 
If using your own device you can also log the score, cards, or any other notes about the game as soon as the game concludes. You do not have to enter scores through the digital cards platform. You can log into Affinity through your computer and score the games and complete the match review as you have the past several seasons. 
To view instructions, look under the Referee Document and Resources box above.

UYSA Referee Assignor Policy

State Referee Contact: Holly Gundred - State Director of Operations -

Referee Assignor Contact Info