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Travel & Tournament Rosters Instructions
Please see below on how to create your Travel Roster or Tournament Roster

Travel & Tournament Roster Instructions

  • In-State-Tournament Roster Instructions
  • Out-of-State Tournament Roster Instructions
    • When traveling in our Region there is no need for travel papers unless asked for by the specific tournament. 
    • You will have to create a Tournament Roster.  (View instructions below)
  • Out-of-Region Tournament Instructions
  • International Travel Instructions
    • Please visit the US Soccer website for more information about international travel. Click here.

Creating a Tournament Roster in Affinity

  1. Go to

  2. Login in under Member Login which is located on the top right hand of the UYSA homepage.

  3. You will now be on the “My Account” page. Click the Teams tab, click on the “Team Info” link to the right of the team name.

  4. Click on the tournament roster tab and then “Create New Request”.

  5. Fill out tournament information (Info is on the Sanctioned Tournament Page) and click on “Save & Continue”.

  6. You’ll be taken to the roster page next. You can delete administrators and players by clicking on the red X next the admin/player’s name. To add a guest player click the Add Player/Admin Inside Org at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Choose the Roster Role from the drop down and enter the ID Number and click save and continue. Jersey numbers can also be added along with player positions on the roster page.   

  7. If you add a guest player or a tournament player the status will say borrowed. If the player is a guest player you must have the specialty action form with their coach’s signature at the tournament check in. If this player is a tournament only player the tournament only card must be submitted at check in. (Specialty Action Form)

  8. Click on the Review and Submit tab and click on the “Submit Application” button.

  9. Click on the “Review” Button, and select “Print Photo Roster” button to print photo roster.

  10. Roster will be created with pictures and you can print copies for the tournament.

  11. To print copies of the roster you will need to click the small printer icon at the top of the page that opened displaying the roster. 

  12. Roster will populate. Click on the export icon at the top of the page and export roster to a pdf file and then print.

*Guest Player Roster Instructions*

All forms listed below must be completed and in the possession of the team coach, assistant coach, or manager upon Tournament Check-in.

By completing the Guest Player Roster Form you certify that:

  1. The information provided is accurate
  2. The players listed have player passes and are following all UYSA policies regarding tournament guest players
  3. The team is registered according to the rules and regulations of US Youth Soccer and Utah Youth Soccer Association
  4. The team complies with all UYSA team and player registration rules
  5. The team is not under suspension or in bad standing with any organization