Sportsmanship Reminder!

Sportsmanship is one of the reasons why soccer is the most popular world wide team sport. The idea of sportsmanship is basically ‘playing the game of soccer fairly and cleanly’. Players who play with the spirit of the game in mind are giving a lot more respect as a leader than that of a player who is constantly bringing the game down by swearing, cheating, or fighting. When there is a presence of sportsmanship on the field, the game of soccer dramatically improves. You are then playing soccer for the love of the game without any intent of hurting the opponent.

How is sportsmanship really connected to the game of soccer? Consider a player who helps his opponent off the ground. Perhaps he congratulates his opponent’s goalkeeper for making a great save. One common act of ‘fair play’ occurs when a team intentionally kicks the ball out of play to allow an injured opponent to receive treatment. The opponent then throws the ball back to the team that kicked it out, as if to say ‘thanks’ for letting their player get help.

Although fair play is not written into the FIFA Laws of the Game, it is implied. Match officials do their best to see that the spirit of the laws are upheld, and that fair play is practiced where appropriate.

If you are a beginner to the game of soccer, just remember the following:

Don't act any differently on the field than you would off it.


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