New UYSA Tryout Policy

 A new Tryout Policy was passed last Thursday night (12/13) and will be implemented immediately. The Tryout Policy can be found under Section 6 Player Development 6315. Click here to view new policy. For any questions, please contact the State Office at 801-268-3365.

6315 Tryouts

1. Rationale
a.This policy is established to provide a consistent, fair, and equitable system for forming 
Competition Teams, that allows players to properly evaluate and explore their options while
at the same time defines what constitutes a player’s Seasonal Year commit to a Team.
b.This policy shall apply to any Team participating the next Seasonal Year in any SCL or IRL 
Competition League.
2. Timing
a. A Team or Organizational Member may advertise tryout dates and information for the next 
Seasonal Year at any time.
b. Starting on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, tryouts may be held any time on or after this 
date by or for a Team that will compete the next Seasonal Year in any SCL or IRL 
Competition League.
3. Process
a.At tryouts, a player or his/her guardian may be required to sign appropriate liability releases 
and pay a reasonable tryout fee, but shall not be required to sign documentation requiring a
commitment to join a Team or pay Team and/or Organizational Member fees.
b.Unless the player is eighteen (18) or older, an offer to a player to participate on a Team must 
be made to the player’s guardian in writing, which includes email, text or posting to a 
c.An offer must include the following:
(1)The date of the offer;
(2)The name/level of the Team for whom the offer is made;
(3)The time period in which the player has to respond to the offer, which may not 
be less than 24 hours.
d.An offer is accepted upon electronic registration in SOMS according to Section 7 
Registration Policy & Procedures - Competition Registration 732 OR the presentation of a
physical copy of the Player Registration form and State Registration Fees to the Member 
e.Once an offer is accepted, the player is deemed committed to the Team for the Seasonal 
Year, subject to the release rules set forth in the registration policies, Section 7.
f.In the recruitment process, a Team, Organizational Member, or representative thereof may 
not make any representation that they know or should know is contrary to UYSA policy or
actual fact.
4. Fee Waivers
a.If a Team offers a Fee Waiver to a player to play on the Team, the Team must provide the 
player with the written terms of such Fee Waiver prior to registering such player.
b.The written terms must include the monetary amount of the Fee Waiver and any amounts 
that must be repaid if the player is subsequently released from the Team at the request of the
c.The written terms must be acknowledged by the signature of at least one of the player’s 
d.Any financial inducement to play on a Team must be based on financial need and can only 
cover UYSA registration fees; Organizational Member or Team fees for administrative costs, 
uniforms, tournament entries, and training; and referee fees.
e.Any Fee Waiver or other offers that would be in violation of NCAA rules and affect a 
player’s college eligibility are not allowed in UYSA.

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