RX Savings: UYSA Guaranteed Benefits


Guaranteed Benefits - Choose the Benefit You Need — up to $25,000.  Because everyone’s needs are different, you can pick your own benefit amount: $3,000 - $25,000

 Simple Application with No Medical Questions Asked - You can complete your application online in as little as 3 minutes. You will NOT be asked any questions about your health at all.

Cash Value for You - This policy has built-in borrowing privileges. It continues to build Cash value over the time you own it. This money serves as a valuable cash reserve that you can borrow against if you need to.

  Guaranteed Acceptance - This policy is guaranteed issue because the death benefits payable natural causes (any cause other than accidental) are reduced during the first two years you own the policy – your beneficiary receives all the premiums you’ve paid plus 10%. The full benefit is paid for death due to natural causes after your second year of coverage, Your Spouse, age 45-85, is Guaranteed Acceptance for this Protection, too.

Affordable rates - even if you decide not to protect yourself. But for maximum family protection, both of you should have life insurance. Call  1-888-859-0832 or apply now http://www.lifebymutual.com/?cc=Z15&r=3

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