Alignment - Roster Continuity Reminder

With Tryouts underway we wanted to send out a reminder to all of our X-League and State Competition teams of the changes to the roster continuity rules for alignment. For the full policy please visit the About UYSA tab, bylaws and policies page - Section 6 Player Development.

For the Fall League Alignment - the continuity deadline is July 7th at 11:59 pm (this means the competition committee will look at your roster from July 7th 11:59 pm 2013 and compare it to your previous season roster- so you need to have achieved continuity by that deadline)
U9's (6 v 6) - This age group keeps roster continuity if they retain 5 players from their previous roster or 5 players from any team roster within their member organization from the previous season (or a combo of 5 players from that roster or others within the Member Organization). This is called "club continuity" and is a new change to alignment for this age group.
U10's (8 v 8) Same as U9's but must be 7 players from previous roster or other previous rosters within Member Organization (again using Club continuity).
U11's (8 v 8) must have 7 players from the previous roster (no club continuity).
U11 teams that played 8v8 in the Spring that will now be playing U12 11 v 11 in the Fall must have 7 returning players from the previous roster. 
U12's - U16's must have 9 players from their previous roster (no club continuity)
U17's must retain at least 8 players from their previous roster plus at least 1 player who played the previous season in 1 bracket lower, the same bracket, or 1 bracket higher than the team they are joining (the player can come from any team - doesn't have to be from the same member organization)
U18's same as U17's but have to retain at least 7 players from the previous roster plus 2 players from a division below, the same division, or a division higher from previous season (for both U17s and 18's the team also retains continuity if they keep at least 9 players from their previous roster)

Please call us at the state office if you have any questions - 801.268.3365

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