2013 Fall State Competition SEASON REMINDERS!!!!


The 2013 Fall State Competition, Inter Regional, and X-league seasons are upon us.  Here are some important reminders for the season.


Jersey numbers need to be input into the system so that they show up on your game day rosters.  Jersey numbers are important for referees to oversee the game effectively and efficiently.  Before the season starts PLEASE INPUT ALL JERSEY NUMBERS FOR YOUR PLAYERS.

To input jersey numbers:  Log in to your UYSA Account, click on the “edit” button next to your team in the team section.  Click on Team Roster tab. Click on Edit Player Team Info and input jersey numbers and save.


Game Day Rosters are available to print 1 day before the scheduled game.  To print your game day roster log in to you UYSA account, click on the Schedules/Game Scoring link next to your team in the Tournament Application section.  Find your scheduled game and click the “Print Roster” button in the left hand margin.  Remember to export your roster to a PDF first, and then Print.

Only 1 copy of the game day roster is required by both teams at the game, unless one of the teams has made a change to their roster within 24 hours of kickoff – then that team is required to bring 2 copies of the roster.


The club pass is only allowed for Member Organizations.  INDEPENDENT TEAMS ARE NOT ALLOWED to use the club pass.  If the club pass is used illegally the game in which it was used will be forfeited.  If you are not sure if you are an independent team or part of a Member Organization please contact the state office to inquire. All Member Organizations are listed on our website, utahyouthsoccer.net, under the Resource Tab, Member Organization Links page.

Club Pass is now available in the U10 X-league division.  U10 teams can club pass their players up to 4 times in a season (each individual player can club pass up to 4 times).  You are allowed to club pass to other U10 divisions (not the same division your primary team is in) or to any U11 divisions. Please contact the state office if you have any questions about the Club Pass in the U10 X-league.  (Still not allowed in U9 divisions)


To reschedule a game, you must first contact the opposing team and work out a new time that works for both teams.  Once you figure out a time, the Home team must contact their field assignor and referee assignor to make sure that refs and fields are available.  Once all parties have been contacted and have agreed to that reschedule; the home team must email the game number, new time, date, location and a confirmation that the changes have been agreed to by all parties to scheduler@utahyouthsoccer.net and we will then reschedule it in our system.

NOTE – Your club may have a specific reschedule policy that you need to follow before emailing us.  Please refer to your own club’s reschedule policy before following the above steps and contacting us to change the game in the system.  The above steps are minimum guidelines set by the state office, your club may have more specific guidelines.

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