UYSA Vice President Brian Smith Announces Candidacy for President

Current Vice President II, Brian Smith, officially announces candidacy to run for soon-to-be vacant UYSA President position. Select the link for information on vision, experience, etc..

Why Brian Smith?

  • I have a vision for soccer in Utah. It includes:
  • Further development of locally run youth academies and recreation soccer at the most basic levels of the game.
  • A continued healthy & strong relationship with our MLS partner ReAL Salt Lake.
  • My vision furthers not only the game, but all those kids who play the game. 
  • This means enabling kids to play at any any level they want in youth soccer.
  • Promoting them and helping them to play at any level they want beyond the youth game. i.e. College, University, MLS Academy, MLS etc.
  • I will strive to have UYSA assist member organizations with field development via grant applications, money's, and throwing our resources behind MO's in working with their local government leaders to further their good causes.
  • My vision is to make the game easier to play for all kids including those in all socio-economic demographics!
  • Quiero involucrar a los hispano-hablantes en nuestras programas. Dandoles los remedios para jugar al lado de todos sus vecinos con oportunidades iguales. - I want to involve the spanish-speaking kids in our programs; Providing the means to play beside their neighbors with equal opportunity.

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