Call for nominations - Region 4 & 5 Directors

 Utah Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors Call for nominations - Region 4 & 5 Director Positions



Have you considered serving on the UYSA Board of Directors? Or appointing a key member from your organization? It's a stimulating time to be a UYSA member and a great moment to step into a leadership role with 50,000+ members UYSA. This is a remaining 1 year term for this position which will be filled by appointment of the board of directors and we are searching for board members who bring broad perspective and specialty skills to the organization.

Estimated Time Commitment: 

Board meetings are held once per month with off months during summer and winter periods.

Regional Directors shall have the following duties and responsibilities;

1. Act as a liaison between the Board and their respective Regions;

2. Attend board meetings of the Organizational Members in their Regions;

3. Hear and resolve intra-Region disputes.

Minimal additional time as board position duties require.

You can help UYSA continue to move forward with its vision to be the premier sports organization in Utah. With fresh strategic plans and new initiatives on the horizon, UYSA needs and welcomes the enthusiastic participation of its members on the Board of Directors.

UYSA strives to be the go-to resource for training and programs related to youth soccer.

Here's what UYSA Board members do: oversee the direction and management of the association, take responsibility for specific projects and action teams/committees, ensure a solid, balanced budget, and represent UYSA member organizations at meetings. UYSA's Board of Directors is an active board that makes a difference in our field!

Two seats are open on the 2014 board. Terms are two years, with both Regional Director positions taking over the last year of the current term vacated by former board members.

Submit a statement of interest to CEO by July 1. Use "Board Nomination" as the subject line of your e-mail message. Your statement should include the following headings and describe (1) your qualifications; & (2) what you would bring to the board; Keep in mind that your statement will be sent to all current board members.

For further information contact CEO 


To be eligible to be a Director, an individual must meet all of the following requirements: 

1. Resides in Utah; 

2. Does not hold another Director position; 

3. Is not a UYSA employee; 

4. In the case of an At-large Director, is not a member of the board of directors of an Organizational Member; 

5. Has not been convicted of a felony within the previous ten (10) years; 

6. Has never been convicted of a sex crime or a crime involving the abuse of a child. 

Board Members may be removed if they fail to participate in more than two consecutive meetings without being excused.


See UYSA Bylaws section 433 for further duties & responsibilities.


UYSA Board of Directors & CEO

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