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SU-IRL Schedules announced


St. George, UT (8/4/2017)

Dear Coaches and Team Administrators,
The 2017 Fall Schedule is now available please copy and past this link into your browser:
Boys Schedule…/pu…/info/accepted_list.asp…

Girls Schedule…/pu…/info/accepted_list.asp…

If any games appear to have been a scheduling error email Terry Ogden directly with "Scheduling Error" in the subject line of the email, and follow up until your question has been addressed and or resolved.

If you need to request a reschedule for a game please follow the instructions found on the UYSA website under SU-IRL League. You will need to scroll down about halfway until you find the reschedule instruction link.

Contact Information

Field Assignor - Terry Ogden
Referee Assignor - Kariann Atkin

Thank you for your patience and let's have a great season!
Terry Ogden
UYSA Region 6 Administrator