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***Please contact our Soccer Program Coordinator with any questions regarding the services that TOSH offers. We want to ensure that your concerns and needs are being taken care of by the appropriate specialist, and done so within a time frame that fits your schedule.


TOSH Soccer Program Coordinator



Other Contact Information



TOSH Soccer Injury Hotline

(801) 314-4111


TOSH Physical Therapy Department

(801) 314-4040


TOSH Sports Training Department

(801) 314-2996


TOSH Sports Concussion Clinic




TOSH Sports Nutrition Department

Kary Woodruff MS, RD, CSSD

(801) 314-4038

Theresa Dvorak MS, RD, CSSD, ATC

(801) 314-4955


TOSH Physician Contact Info

(.pdf document, click to open)


TOSH Soccer Fax Number

(801) 314-4862


Our experience ON the field makes our experience IN the field that much more valuable.



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