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TOSH Soccer Program



TOSH – The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital. TOSH is one of country’s premier orthopedic and sports medicine hospitals. TOSH is a comprehensive orthopedic center that specializes in all things sports medicine and sports science. The TOSH Soccer Program is an “umbrella” term for the many specific services we offer to soccer players of all ages. TOSH has worked closely with Utah Youth Soccer Association for many years as the official sports medicine and sports training partner to UYSA. TOSH is also the title sponsor for Utah’s Olympic Development Program (UYSA State Select Program). TOSH offers many services to UYSA members in the fields of sports medicine and sports science that are briefly outlined below.

TOSH Sports Medicine Team: Our team consists of nationally recognized orthopedic physicians, leading physical therapists, nationally certified athletic trainers and performance sports specialists. The result of this teamwork leads to soccer players getting back onto the field faster, stronger and better prepared to return to play.

Orthopedic Physicians: TOSH is proud to have many of the premier orthopedic physicians and surgeons in the country on its medical staff. Our physicians’ clinics and state-of-the art surgical suites are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly-qualified professionals.

Physical Therapists: Our specialty is “return to sport” therapy. We recognize that athletes deal with sensitive timelines and complex injuries. Our staff uses the latest technology and rehabilitation protocols to guide soccer players through a personalized recovery program designed specifically for them. TOSH has created a one of kind Interval Kicking Protocol that slowly introduces the stress of kicking into the physical therapy. This process results in quicker recovery times. Before returning players to the field, they will be tested through our physical therapy and sports science department to ensure that they are ready to return to the game.

Free Soccer Injury Assessment Program: TOSH offers free injury assessments to UYSA players, coaches and families. If you get hurt during a training session or game give us call and we can usually get you in to be evaluated that same day. You will be assessed for free by a TOSH certified athletic trainer or a licensed physical therapist. The objective is to evaluate your injury and decide whether it needs to be referred to a physician or can be self-treated. Call us 801-314-4111 to set up a free assessment.

TOSH Sports Science Team: The Sports Science team consists of nationally-recognized physiologists, bio-mechanists, sport dieticians, exercise specialists and athletic trainers. We have an industry leading sport specific training program staffed with employees who have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. The TOSH sports science team focuses on improving athleticism, strength, speed, agility, power and reducing chance for athletic injuries. The result of this teamwork creates healthy soccer players who are able to stay on the field performing better, faster and stronger.

TOSH Sports Performance Training: This program was developed by performance sports specialists at Athletic Republic to improve all aspects of athleticism. The focus is on improving skill, speed, strength, and power while correcting mechanics to maximize efficiency and prevent injuries.  For more information, or set up an introduction session call us at (801) 314-2996.

TOSH Soccer Specific Training: We offer soccer specific training options including: (1) Kicking mechanics course using Dartfish™ video analysis, (2) Individual and/or team training sessions on the TOSH soccer field, and (3) free team nutritional classes. If there is a specific goal for a player, team, coach or parent, we can help them achieve it. For more specific information call us at (801) 314-4111.

Bridge Program: This program sets us apart from other rehabilitation programs. The Bridge Program was designed by physicians, rehabilitation experts, and exercise specialists at TOSH to “bridge” the gap between traditional physical therapy and full return to sport. TOSH recommends all rehabilitating soccer players complete this program to help prepare the neuromuscular system for full return to play.

Sport Nutrition: Nutritional preparation to fuel the body is a very important step for the performance of a player over 90 minutes of play. TOSH has two registered sport dieticians that are available for individual consultations or free team nutrition classes. For more specific information call (801) 314-4038.

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