Transfer Window


UYSA open transfer window is Nov 15-Jan 15. All other transfer requests have release restrictions, and must meet UYSA transfer policy requirements to be considered for approval from the UYSA League Commissioner. (*League Commissioner Signature required outside of the transfer window.) 

There is no transfer window for Premier Players. The open transfer window will no longer apply to players playing on premier division teams. Premier Players will still be eligible to apply for "exceptional circumstance" transfers at any time during the year. Players playing in non-Premier Divisions will still be allowed to transfer into a premier division during the open transfer window by following the standard transfer process and rules.

When transferring during the Open Transfer Window (Nov 15-Jan 15) the Release must be signed by the Current Coach and given to the Current Registrar, with a copy sent to the New Registrar. The only restrictions that apply during the Open Transfer window are: -Roster Size of the current team (Minimum plus 2)  The player must have a financial release from the current Team/Club.

Click on the link below for all the instructions.

Player Transfer Form