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Utah College Update 10/16


Sandy, UT 10/16/2017


There are hundreds of UYSA athletes playing college soccer each year. These tremendous athletes epitomize the UYSA's goal of providing educational and developmental opportunities to all of our members. Through the UYSA league, TOSH State Select, and thousands of hours of practice these athletes have been able to chase their dreams. These dreams do not end when they graduate high school, and with that in mind UYSA wants to highlight college soccer in Utah. 

Each week we will be posting a list of all the home games being played in the state, as well as providing a list of UYSA alumni that have either scored or assisted in games the previous week. This is also an area where we will highlight collegiate achievements such as making player of the week, all american, etc. We know that we have hundreds of former athletes that play for a college out of state. However, we are not able to track all of those recognitions as well. If you know of a former UYSA athlete achieving greatness at the college level, outside of the state of Utah, please email the information to Anthony Frost at Thank you and help us celebrate all of these amazing individuals each week while also going and supporting local soccer.

Local Upcoming Games 

Womens Soccer

Brigham Young University: 10/19 @ 7:00pm, 10/21 @ 7:00pm

University of Utah: 10/19 @ 7:00pm, 10/22 @ 2:00pm

Utah Valley University: 10:20 @ 7:00pm

Utah State University: 10/20 @ 3:00pm

Weber State University: 10/20 @ 7:00pm, 10/22 @ 12:30pm

Salt Lake Community College: 10/19 @ 3:00pm

Utah State University Eastern: 10/19 @ 3:00pm, 10/21 @ 3:00pm

Westminster College: 10/20 @ 12:30pm, 10/22 @ Noon

Dixie State University: 10/19 @ 4:30pm, 10/21 @ 4:30pm

Mens Soccer

Utah Valley University: 10/19 @ 7:00pm

Westminster College: 10/20 @ 3:00pm, 10/22 @ 2:30pm

Dixie State University: 10/19 @ 7:00pm, 10/21 @ 7:00pm

Salt Lake Community College: 10/19 @ 1:00pm

Utah State University Eastern: 10/19 @ 1:00pm, 10/21 @ 1:00pm




Weekly Player Stats and Awards



Womens: Bizzy Bowen, BYU (1); Madie Mathews, BYU (1); Haylee Cacciacarne, Utah (1); Ashley Cardozo, USU (1); Bailee Hammond, USU (2); Grace Youngberg, WSU (1); Morgan Quarnberg, WSU (2); Breanna DeWaal, UVU (3); Amber Tripp, UVU (2); Tori Smith, UVU (2); Libby Dearden, Westminster (1); Jacqueline Williams, Westminster (1); Emma Heyn, Westminster (1); Sophie Stewart, Snow (1); Nicole Jenkins, Snow (1); Darian Murdock, Dixie (5); Tori Page, Dixie (1); Alletse Soto, SLCC (1); Jenna Hansen, SLCC (1).

Mens: Connor Salmon, UVU (1); Marshall Johnson, Westminster (1); James Pena, Snow (2); Sergio Diaz, Snow (2); Anwar Schone, Snow (1); Jandir Porta, Dixie (1); Moises Medina, Dixie (1); Frank Debry, USUE (1); Gabriel Sanchez, SLCC (1); Drake Cook, SLCC (1); Matt Penrod, SLCC (1); Abdi Kanyare, SLCC (2); Daniel Tree, SLCC (1); Bryson Colemere, SLCC (1); Bridger Hansen, SLCC (1).


Womens: Mikayla Colohan, BYU (1); Aleea Gwerder, Utah (1); Alecia Robinson, USU (1); Wesley Hamblin, USU (2); Cambrie Lake, WSU (1); Breanna DeWaal, UVU (1); Libby Weber, UVU (1); Leesa Stowe, UVU (1); Allie Millergberg, Westminster (1); Jayne Christensen, Westminster (1); Jaycee Hafen, Snow (1); Tana Singley, Dixie (1); Darian Murdock, Dixie (1); Hadley Montana, Dixie (1); Brooklyn Vogelsberg, Dixie (1); Kilee Lamb, Dixie (1); Jill Bennett, Dixie (1); Kamie Hunter, Dixie (1); Taryn Pritchett, USUE (1).

Mens: Connor Salmon, UVU (1); Chandler Baddley, UVU (1); Alec Felix, UVU (1); Jonnathan Rodriguez, Westminster (1); Connor Buehner, Snow (1); Sergio Diaz, Snow (1); Moises Medina, Dixie (1); Gabby Medina, Dixie (1); Jojea Kwizera, USUE (1); Bryson Colemere, SLCC (3).


Season Leaders



17 Goals- Sophie Stewart, Snow

15 Goals- Darian Murdock, Dixie

9 Goals- Nicole Jenkins, Snow

8 Goals- Angela Clayton, Snow

7 Goals- Hailey Skolmoski, UTAH; Ashley Cardozo, USU; Breanna DeWaal, UVU


7 Goals- Frank Debry, USUE; James Pena, Snow

6 Goals- Moises Medina, Dixie

5 Goals- Kade Jorgensen, Snow; Danny Darelli, Westminster



9 Assists- Tana Singley, Dixie

6 Assists- Breanna DeWaal, UVU

5 Assists- Haylee Cacciacarne, UTAH; Tori Smith, UVU; Sophie Stewart, Snow; Montana Hadley, Dixie; Taryn Pritchett, USUE

4 Assists- Holly Daugirda, UTAH; Alexa Estridge, Dixie; Wesley Hamblin, USU


8 Assists- Jojea Kwizera, USUE

4 Assists- Jandir Porta, Dixie

3 Assists- Drake Cook, SLCC; Xavier Smith, USUE; Moises Medina, Dixie; Connor Buehner, Snow; Bryson Colemere, SLCC